As told  by the dietition, post kidney transplant patient is not allow to take the grapefruit, pomelo, pineapple, starfruit, vitamin A & E supplements as these foods can affect the levels of Cyclosporine, Tacrolimus, Sirolimus and Everolimus.

My consultant doctor also told me don't take any chinese medicine that will increase my immune system. Can i know any other foods that we can't take as a post kidney transplant patient. Thanks.

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  • That is interesting.  I was told no pomegranite or pomegranite juice, no grapefruit or grapefruit juice and do not take tums or antacids within 2 or 3 hours of taking your immunosuppressants or magnesium  basically.  Later, my doctors told me it was okay to take the low dose magnesium supplement with my food cause it makes you tired and and don't want to wait several hours to take it during the day, so I only take it before I go to bed at night but not long after I take my immuno drugs.  So - I never heard of the starfruit and i do know that I shouldn't take a lot of anti-oxidants which sucks cause here we are wanting to extend our life, not shorten it but we have to avoid things that can prolong it, lol!  It stinks!  But the only reason I don't drink green tea is because I heard it was not good to drink too much for the kidneys in general.  I was allowed to take a multivitamin cause I need one.  Tried to go without it but i was just too tired all the time.  I don't take any herbals at all and althougth i would like to pop zinc, vitamin e, and things that are good for my skin and keep you from gettting sick like vitamin c i don't do it cause it just seems like i am giving myself antioxidants.  ugh.  But I do know some who take that stuff anyway.

  • I was transplanted 6/11/2017.  The dietician and pharmacist both told me no pomegranate, no grapefruit, and no star fruit.  Star fruit should not be consumed by anyone with kidney disease.  It's not common on the mainland, but people grow it in their yards in Hawaii.  My transplant nephrologist added green tea to the list.  I also wash all fruit and veggies that I eat at home, and I don't eat salads at all away from home.  I freeze lunch meats (chicken breast from Costco) prior to eating due to possible listeria contamination.  I also don't eat eggs unless hard-boiled.  I am happy to make all these accomodations because I HAVE A NEW KIDNEY!!!!!   :)

  • Pay attention to when eating. If you feel itchy or tingling face burning then something you are eating is not agreeing with you. Just because there are some no-no transplant fruits does not mean that everything else is off the list. You might find some food sensitivities like me and if so, be sure to listen to your GUT-pardon my pun.

    My newest food sensitivity that I have found is that I cannot eat celery.

  • I am not sure if it's true because I have a different experience. I was told no restrictions on food by my doctor. Since last 6 years after post TX, I have been eating pomegranate, apple and pomelos almost every day, I have eaten huge number of grapefruits and pineapples throughout the last 6 years.  I take prograf, myfortic, prednisone and everolimus as my rejection med. I do quarterly lab tests and there are no significant change. Creatinine and prograf level has been stable. I had been drinking green tea 3 times a day but recently stopped it due to significant weight loss (I was already underweight when I was started drinking green tea).

    But I never took any chinese medicine and I'd probably stay away from those as they might increase immune system. 

  • I'm a liver TX.  For me it was none of the following:  Star fruit, grapefruit, pomegranite, anything that boosts the immunine system, just about every herb (since they don't what any given herb might do), and nothing more than 1 multi-vitamin per day.

    No aspirin or other NSAIDs as they can damge my already damaged kidneys.  

    No over easy eggs except Davison's.

    Wash all veggies and fruit.

    Before I take any over-the-counter med, I check with my coordinator.

    I was also told to take Osc+D twice daily for potential (make that actual) bone density issues that the meds gave me.

  • No raw items such as clams or oysters for obvious reasons.  Even uncooked vegetables are frowned upon because they can contain staph spores.  There is a lot conjecture being circulated by Tx centers, though having to do it all again for whatever reason is enough for me.

  • Grapefruit (as if plays with the meds).

    Beer / High potassium items (potatoes, red meat)  -- IN MODERATION.

    Some I think are general "nutrition" v. "kidney"

  • I was at a organ transplant seminar in Chicago and one of the transplant nurses there said that they were having problems with patients who drank green tea. Again, it messes with your prograf levels.

    • Hi Cisco, thanks for your reply, i did also saw in Wikipedia-kidney transplant in postoperative diet section said that should avoid green tea....

      • I can't believe all the wrong info published. Green tea and pineapple juice are just FINE for transplant patients! I drink both and it's fine if you take Astagraf and Cellcept.
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