• Sort of a click bait article. To say "NEVER" reheat potatoes is utterly upsurd.

    • Yeah, agreed, some of these just seem silly to me. Like the potato one, for example I make a pot of mashed potatoes for dinner. After dinner, I put the potatoes in a container in the refridgerator and then serve them with dinner the next day after reheating them in the microwave. I think that is pretty normal...And chicken too, as long as you are reheat it, you are fine. And I've never heard of getting Aspergillius from cold potatoes, usually you get it from breathing in the spores, not eating things. I looked online for Aspergillius and potatoes, but didn't find anything.


      • look up foods to avoid and the word Aspergillius

        I was also taking digestive enzymes that contained A.Niger and found a source indicating to avoid these enzymes if you have Asper.

        We never know and if you have leaky gut anything is possible.



      You can get Aspergillius from eating cold potatoes. Search for it. It happened to me.


      • Wow I guess you weren't having a lucky day.Yes, with a weakened immune system one must always exercise extreem caution always. However if you have a weakened immune system, there are plenty of other ways to get aspergillius other than cold potatoes. Luck is a factor. I suppose it would be more accurate to advise to never reheat leftover veggies but to  recook them instead (frying w/ a little olive for instance)  . Good luck . God bless. We all need it here.

        • Search the gov't websites about food contamination and their rules. I do believe I might have them on this site in our groups.

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