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Forgot to take my pills

 I'm exhausted and fall asleep in my chair and wake up 4 or 5 hours after it was time to take my Prograf.

This has happened twice since my transplant, I have tried to set alarms on my phone, I even have alarms to check my alarms and I have still missed taking my pills...;-)

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  • Happens once in a while. All I do is take them the moment I realise I forgot to and continue with the next dose as usual. I have forgot to pack them with my lunch box and only realised when I was eating my breakfast that I had forgotten to take my pills with.

    • I can forget to take my pills on the infrequent occasion when something seriously disrupts my routine: A family emergency; a plumbing emergency (i.e., burst pipe in my house); etc.

      And I've gotten stomach flu on occasion too.  I would take my pills and end up vomiting them (and my last meal) less than an hour later.

      As long as I only miss one dose--particularly if it's the smaller nighttime dose--it doesn't seem to matter.

  • Hi John, I have had this problem a few times since my tx 6 months ago. I have never been great at remembering to take medication, even when it was something that was extremely vital to take but when I made a choice to go through with having a transplant I knew that if I didn't change that bad habit i was disrespecting my own life and the gift that I was so lucky to be given. I do my best to take them at the same time each day, and as directed when having to be adjusted. My x team has told me that it is okay if you take them late or don't remember to take them at your usual time but have advised me to skip my missed dose if it 4 hours or more after my usual time, which is at 9:00 am and let them know if during that time I start to feel unusual. I have also had numerous times when due to vomitting of nausea and I make sure to let them know I'm having trouble keeping my meds down and depending on how severe it is and other symptoms I have they tell me to hold off until my night time dose or come in and have them give me my meds through IV and make sure nothing else is going on. I know each patient is different and have been told the best course of action for their own health but maybe there is a cut off time for you also, so that if you do happen to nod off and miss your meds you know that you might have enough time to take them or just wait til your next dose and maybe that will give you a little comfort that can cut down some of the stress of following a schedule. Good lack!
  • Hi John! I have also done this. I set my phone REALLY loud so it is sure to wake me up. You might take your meds at the same time you have breakfast and dinner at night.

    Hope you are feeling better about things. Trust me I bet 99.9% of us have done this.

  • Well, it seems to me that the real issue is why you're so exhausted that you keep dozing off like that.

    I'm certainly not like that. Thanks to Prednisone, I'm wide awake and raring to go, all the time.  :-)

  • I put my medic alert bracelet on when I take meds in the morning, then take it off when taking meds at night.  This eliminates the doubt at 3 in the afternoon "did I take them this morning?".

    • Best idea yet.  I have three alarms on mu phone but if I get busy getting out of the house in the morning, or not near my phone at night, I have missed my meds on occasion. At these times, I swear I have taken them but there there they are. I will get a med bracelet and do the same. I don't freak out anymore, like I used to in the beginning but I don't tell my husband either. I stay a bit concerned until the next dose. It is the life of our beast...constant meds. haha

  • Last Saturday night I was distracted and became panicked when I thought I'd taken my meds twice. I take 7mg tac bid so this would have been 14mg at once! I eventually figured out I had not, and that for future reference I should not remove pills from the med set until I am ready to take them (since I might refill for the next week and then accidentally take twice!!)

    Anyway.. asked at clinic this week what I should do in this situation. Throw them up? Thy said CALL FRST... but probably not. I could not be sure to throw them all up, which would be a problem if I intended to take then again (I.e start all over again). They said I would likely be advised to come in for a blood draw the next morning, and skip the morning dose if elevated.

    I am so OCD I am more Lille to take twice then forget! :)

    I also caught myself in a bad habit... my alarm goes off, I go get my pills and bring back to my office, say "hold on a sec I was right in the middle on something on my computer", and looking up 40 minutes later and seeing the pills still sitting there. My lesson - take them right away!

         I have to admit , once, I didn't remember if I took my meds and also got very scared. ( I  had taken them),  I must admit , I  am very  on time with my meds, but it can happen if ones very busy. I bought a little alarm device so it shouts out the time. I keep it on me when I'm out or very busy. It does help.



  • Take them as soon as you remember unless it's too close to your next dose. Prograf can be taken 10 or 12 hrs apart.... Everyone has forgotten a few times.
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