I'm 2 years after my second kidney transplant and I've been getting a lot of UTIs. Can anyone recommend some home remedies that work please? Has anybody else experienced this and is it normal? Also, while I  was on dialysis my toenails went black and curved. A few weeks after the transplant, my toenails returned to their normal colour and straightened out. However, now they are back to being black and curved. Has anyone else experienced this? I appreciate any advice and feedback. Thanks.

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  • I had an kidney/pancreas transplant 9 years ago and afterwards I had a lot of utis. I had them for almost a year. The best thing I done was drink lots of water. They also gave me some medication. You can also go  to an urologist to make sure it's nothing else.






  • Have they identified the bateria causing the UTIs? 

  • HI every one

    Thanks so much for your input regarding ITU.

    is any one taking CERTICAN anti rejection drug instead of prograff? and do you take prograff on empty stomech or after food?

    The chemist told me to take it on empty stomech ,but my doctor wants me to take after food because it is not good for stomech to take in before food, any sugestion?

    I am on prograf but lost lots of hair and like to change it to certican that has no side effect of hair loss any one has exprienced it?

    have a lovely healthy day.


  • Hi Dew,

    The most frequent cause of blackened toenails is poor/lack of blood supply.  It is not normal and you should give a quick call to your Tx team to make them aware of the condition.  Hopefully, you are adequately hydrating.  I was able to use cranberry extracts, with permission of my team, to increase urine production without Lasix or any other stimulants.  The two issues may be related.  I hope you find relief soon.

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