In August I was infected with fungal pneumonia. I recovered after about 2 weeks of anti fungal medication through IV and 8 weeks through oral route. During the course of treatment and up to now I have been taken off MMF. Prednislone dose was increased from 5 mg to 10 mg and now it is at 7.5 mg. 

I am now on tacrolimus and streiods only and probably will continue only on two out of three immunosuppresants. 

Anyone else who has gone through this?

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  • I am so sorry you have had to deal with this issue. Finding the cause may be a tricky task as the infection can predate the start of symptoms by a week or as much as 10 weeks. I will attest that in preparation for surgery, I was taken of MMF to aid in healing. Post-surgery, I was told that I was sufficiently protected by Tacrolimus and Prednisone and the MMF was never restarted. This occurred over five years ago and I am puzzled but satisfied.

    • Thanks!

      Even I am told that the two medicines should keep me protected and that MMF is too strong and may result in another fungal attack.

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