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Im almost a year into my kidney transplant, and am on the usual meds like Prednisone, etc.    Ive noticed over the past 2 months that my sense of taste isn't what it use to be, with almost no taste at the front of my tounge. Can this be a med side effect?    I did have some dosages changed. Thanks!

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  • Sometimes infections can cause this.

  • With any investigation, it is important to look at what has changed and if the start of symptoms coincides with that change. In addition, the sense of smell is primarily based on air (and particles) interacting with the taste buds of the mouth. Any interruption of that process would account for the feeling being off, whether from sinus infection or side-effects of meds. Some of the meds we must take can have a direct affect upon that sense. I do hope you find the answers you seek and keep us posted.  

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