Generic myfortic


Has anyone switched from brand Myfortic to the generic?  My insurance (Aetna) will no longer cover the brand.  I have been 5 years with creatinine under .9 and hate to rock the boat now.

Many thanks for any feedback.

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  • I made the same change from Myfortic to generic and then back to the brand Myfortic.  No effect at all. 

    I also have Aetna and have to get off of Myfortic.  But my Doc, for whaterver reason is switching me to generic Cellcept.  Not sure why the Doc is making that change and am a bit anxious about new side effects.  Oh boy.

    Blessings and be Well!

  • Hi, I switched to generic from APOTEX, Canadian Lab, 360mg x 120 tab $290. About seven months ago, everything OK.

  • Should be no difference.  I switch between two vendors for Tacro due to fluctuating costs and I pay cash.

    Because my Aetna has Tacro as Tier 4 lol.  Waste of benefit.

    • Aetna is like not having insurance.  BCBS never gave the fits Aetna does

  • I had the same issue but able to get appval for brand name cellcept. My doctor wanted to repeat blood work every week after change just to make sure everything is right. 

  • I have been taking generic Myfortic for 41/2 years with no issues.

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