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Hi all. Been a while since I posted last but need some advice. I've still been dealing with an undiagnosed breathing issue. I'm thinking it may be related to my undertreated gerd. I constantly have gerd with severe regurgitation to the point where I dread eating. I've been going days without eating for fear of regurgitation and the throat pain and soreness. I can't talk the docs into nissen even though it's obvious treatment has failed.I use pantoprazole at the max dose of 40 mg twice daily and still have massive gerd. I want the nissen but they won't give it to me .I'm concerned this is going to progress to pf. Any suggestions on how to request or actually I'm to the point i want till demand it. I've tried everything. Any suggesting.

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  • Hi Torie

    As you all know we are not doctors so please understand when I share I am just thinking of something that might help you based on my own personal experience.

    Please share all the foods that you eat with us. I am very curious as to the foods, drinks, spices, Supplements etc. This might take you a while to list but I might be able to find something that is aggravating your condition.

    What are the side effects of all the drugs that you are taking?

    You see  the doctors did not pick up acid reflux when they performed several tests on me BUT I KNOW for a fact that if I eat the wrong foods within a few days I will have acid reflux symptoms.  As soon as I stop eating the foods that aggravate me, my symptoms go away.

    • I will be checking back later and I hope to see a list.

      • Do you happen to have any nasty smells coming from your sinuses? Is your tongue coated with white paste?

        Does your skin itch you? do you think you could have candida?

  • No, actually i think it's getting worse. I try to eat less because of the regurgitation. I have a first appointment with a new gastro mid September. I pray they get this corrected. The sore throat, and sob is relentless
  • Hi Torie,

    How are you getting along? Any improvement in the Gerd? That throat pain bothers me. I know little, but I do know that it could lead to Barrett's.
  • Hi Torie,
    I'm an IPF patient, seven years out from a lung transplant. I had the Nissen three years ago because of my gerd. You are right to be concerned. Something is very wrong here. Why are your doctors reluctant to proceed with the Nissen? If there is no rational explanation, get a second opinion.
    • They will not help me. Even though my regurgitation is daily and severe. I think they think I'm exaggerating. My les was described as no longer effective. The nurse showed me pics of the region and called it inflammation from reflux but when i got the results the said they were normal/acceptable. The nurse also showed me evidence of h.h . But the doctor still shrugged me off . Now my reflux is exacerbated and I'm coughing up the thick sticky mucus. My gastro called me fat and said my diet sucks and thank you bye. I'm heavy for my height but fairly muscular.
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