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I am 4+ years on my kidney transplant. I am thankful to my mom who was my donor and to God to give me gift of live again. I work for Doctors surgery and have been off from work  for over 3 weeks to avoid getting the virus. My employer has been unable to get me work from home and I feel really desperate to go back to work . Would it be safe to go to work now if I use mask n gloves n sit in a seperate room n do my work . Any suggestions please???

Thanks xx

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  • Am a post renal transplant since Dec 2018..Although i was working from Home since  March 2020, I become covid + by Oct 11,2020..Tx team tappered the medicine , holded cEllcept for a week and am Covid - now..

    Unfortunatly as an impact Creatinine increaded from 0.7 to 1.7 now..Tomorrow going for a Renal Biopsy..Hope my Kidney get recover from Rejection episode.

    • I hope your kidney is working fine and adjusts back to the regular routine. Are you COVID negative now?

  • I am 19 years post pancreas-kidney transplant.  I am isolated at home and will remain here until there is a valid proven vaccine or a cure.  I have only been out to doctor's appointments and I wear gloves and a mask and when I get home the clothes all go in the wash and I go in the shower.  It has become routine.  I'm doing what I can to survive on savings and unemployment.  My husband is 67, I am 54 and I will not do anything to compromise either of us when it comes to this pandemic.  Stay home and stay healthy if there is any way you can do it.  I believe there is not a safe way for immunocompromised folks like us to go back into the office even with protective gear.  I wish you every best wish as I know this time is so hard for so many.

  • I am ~1 1/2 years out from a liver transplant. I have been getting out somewhat wearing only a mask since March and have not had any ill effects yet. I have my retirement pension so do not NEED to work but I cannot simply stay in my house all the time. My feeling about all this is that they really don't know if the masks even help against a virus - my view is that they can't hurt!

    • MASKS DO WORK! If not to protect you, then to protect others if yo do become exposed. Rem, transition can occur even if you are asymptomatic. This fact has seemed to have escaped so many in the US, which is one reason we are topping 3.7 MILLION confirmed cases.

      Work, retire, that is your own decision, you are not bound to staying home as the only option, if you can manage retirement, financially.  Personally,  I would rather go fishing. 

      • I agree. I am 6yrs post liver tx and had COVID with symptoms for three to four days and then very tired for a couple of weeks. My healthy friend has COVID now and has been on a vent and put in a coma to keep down her anxiety, which dropped her O2 stats but is finally going to a long term care facility as she learns to walk again and gains strength. You see, it is a tiny percent who gets sick to death as the meds are known, so people who are put on a vent are able to come off. The doctors have protocols now which are saving most all lives. I am careful but it's not much more than anyone immunocompromised. As long as this virus is here, be careful but don't stop living completely. I'm sorry you have this kind of stressful desisions to make. If you can be away from groups, try. 

      • 3.7 Million out of 380 million is less than 1%.

        I do think caution is in order but I also think we should look at the pandemic in REAL terms - bad, not not much worse than the flu.

  • I have worked in ER for last 14 years.  I can't stop working because the health insurance and finance. I wear the masks, face shield, and gawn if I need it.  Protection and washing hands are the keys.

    I had kidney TX in 2001.


  • I understand your worry and fear. I had to go back to work and I work at Target. I can't pay my bills and feed my kids without working. I don't get disability or unemployment. You just need to take precautions like change your clothes asap when you come home and remove shoes as soon as you enter your home. If you can change your clothes before you leave work and than shower and change clothes again once home. This way your not wearing dirty work clothes in your car. Hope this helps. 

  • Thanks for your reply .  Do you think we can sit at home for 3-4 months ?

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