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Has anyone done research on how donor's DNA affects our body , mind , emotions etc. and for how long? I notice changes in the way I think, my emotional responses have shifted quite a bit. My dreams are also very different than they used to be. I am 9 mos post liver Tx. Love to hear others stories.

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  • just got out of hospital yet again.had a bile stent removed that was blocked with pus and stones.6days later had to be admitted again as i couldnt walk.seems my system was now 11months post liver tx shame to say i have not had a day where ive been pain free.i know im not dealing well with s/effects of taco.and i now am under no doubt that i am totally different from what i used to be.i still dont know age or gender of my donor.have asked for info but have had no joy in getting any.can really relate to people who feel emotionally spiritually and mentally different and not in a good way.i feel that im being so ungratefull and want nothing more than to have a day where im thanking god my donor and specialists for a new still hoping things will improve but feels like im beating y head against a wall.god bless you janice for bringing subject up about asking if people feel that they have lost or gained something totally different since liver tx. bill

    • Hi William,

      I am just past two years of my liver transplant. I also do not know about my donor. I only know it was a younger person. That is the only information I have. I had pain at the beginning but currently I am pain free. Thank God for that. I recovered well and I am enjoying life. I feel much better than before the transplant. I just want to encourage you through this words. .

    • Hi William, I'm so sorry you are going through so much. Be careful to treat yourself gently during this time. I realize the pain, my lower back is in extreme pain right now which is not what I wanted after hitting my 10 month point post Tx. Up all night with it. I am getting all the things needed to find out why.
      • Janice,<br/>
        Wondering if you have been to a rheumatologist for your pain, I have been referred to one, have numerous joints that ache and had no pain prior to transplant, 6 1/2 mo post.
        • Hi Michele,<br/>
          To answer the prograf connection to pain.... I don't believe it is related. This is due to arthritis is my lower back . Before acute liver failure ( induced by liver poisoning) I was athletically built ... all through the back and buttocks regions. This saved my life partially anyway as my body was feeding off of my muscles as my liver failed quickly. Post Tx I was no longer built. My muscles atrofied and shrank down to nothing. In rebuilding , I thought I was strong enough to attempt African Zumba. I felt a horrible pressure in my lower back, than all the pain. I am waiting on the results of my MRI , although the pain is subsiding. My back was not strong enough to support the impact. In short, it's not the prograf.
          • I was just wondering if you had the pain before transplant as I did not, but afterwards I do. I take Cyclosporine and Zortress, not on Prograf. Trying to figure out if there was any connection between pain and transplant. Thanks for,your reply, hope your tests come out okay.
            • Hi Michelle, you may have a valid point. A lot of people talk about pain in the muscle and bones post Tx. The one I experienced post Tx was severe shoulder pain and recieved a shot of lydocane and hydro cortisone to console it. I followed up with physical therapy. I also had severe headaches. But the lower back was due to my own impatience to get back into sports.
        • I 'm so happy for you getting your transplant. I didn't think of prograf. I don't think it is but is that a side affect? ER didn't think so I'll have to do some research thank you Michelle
  • Hi Janice:

    I am from Northern California.  Did not like anything hot or spicy at all before transplant. Did not like garlic either.

    I had my transplant in Miami -  a hub of Cuban/Latin culture, needless to say.  Post transplant, I love spicy food -- the hotter the better.  Love a spicy Jerk Chicken.  Love Garlic.  One of the things I asked for after I started on solid food in the hospital was a "Cafe Cubano con leche, por favor."  Had no idea why I asked for that, and hated coffee before.  Love it now, especial Cafe Cubano con leche.  I dream in Spanish somethines . . . go figure. My donor was Cuban, and a female.  I also received my donors bone marrow in an experiment that UMiami was doing at the time, to try to teach my immune system to get along with the donor's cells -- called Chimerism.  The bone marrow is reach in stem cells, and DNA-rich matter.  Via Condios mi amiga.

    • Wow this is the most change I've heard Brian. I wonder if this is due to the bone marrow as you said rich in DNA. This needs some research. Thank you for sharing
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