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Hey everyone,I am 5 months post kidney transplant and ever since my transplant, I'm losing hair at a very rapid pace. The doc did lower my tacrolimus and prednisone doses 2 months ago but even that didn't help. After further consultation with my nephrologist, he directed me to meet a hair specialist which I did and he prescribed a biotin pill which will supposedly stop hair loss and promote hair growth. But there are other ingredients in that pill and I'm not sure whether it's safe or not.Biotin 10mgL-cysteine 10mgZinc oxide 25mgManganese sulphate monohydrate 5mgCupric oxide 2mgSodium selenite anhydrous 40mcgMy next appointment is after 2 months and I don't think my hair will last that long. So anyone who took hair Supplements, please advise.Love,Raj

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  • Hi Raja.
    Hope you are doing good.
    Are you taking any supplements for Hair loss??
    Do let me know.
  • Hi Raja- I am 9 months post kidney transplant and at about 4 months my hair started falling out like crazy..I lost at least half my hair.  And this was after my tacro dose had been lowered at 3 months.  At about 6 months post tx my hair loss slowed way down and I realized that the hair loss was actually caused by the initial high dose of tacro but it was a delayed reaction.  Now at 9 months all my hair seems to have grown back!  So have patience, your hair will grow back, thought the timing will likely be different for everyone.

  • Hello, Raja, I read that hair loss from meds occurs at the root ball.  If you run a lost hair between your thumb and forefinger, you can feel the tiny ball at the root.  I don't know if this true, but someone on this site will probably know.  I am about 3.5 years post tx, and I have about half the amount of hair that I used to have. I plan to try biotin, but I'm not sure it can help if the hair is falling out by the root.  Stay tuned.


    • Hi Pete. I'm so sorry to hear that your hair did not grow back that well. Of all my local transplant friends (over a dozen) I would say that 3 have hair in roughly your state, one has hair still a bit thinner, and the rest of us are either back to "normal" and some of us back to the normal of when we were really healthy (pre kidney disease, pre dialysis, pre transplant meds, etc). So, just like our diseases, every person is different. Please keep us posted on how the biotin works out.

  • I waited it out. I'll admit too that I didn't want to much with supplements with unknown fillers.  I had a lot of illness both prior to and during my year on dialysis. So I had what looked like tree rings on my head. This layer developed when this illness happened, hair fell out, and then started growing back. Layer B was caused by.... I had about 7 layers.

    After my transplant, by about the 1 year mark, my hair was growing back nice and thick all on it's own. There was much rejoicing when my last layer grew out! I gave my hairdresser a small bottle of champaigne and she gave me a little box of chocolates. It all grew back naturally with a return to reasonable health. Yes, I did lose hair the first year due to meds, but that slowed significantly for me by about the 6 month mark and you could see the new growth by about 9 months. 

    I suspect that no matter what you do, it's either going to grow back well, or only partially.

  • Hi Raj,

    I also experienced hair loss and thinning when first received my transplant in 2010. My beautician told me to take Biotin, which my transplant team said was okay. I take Spring Valley Biotin 5000 mcg and you can buy it at Walmart or any drug store. It really does help! My hair stop coming out after about 2-3 months of taking it daily. Please keep me posted!  

  • My hair also thinned for months after my transplant. Not in clumps, like some are mentioning, but it did thin out. After consulting with my nephrologist, I was given the go ahead and am now taking 5,000 mcg of Wegman's brand Natural Biotin (I'm sure you can get it at any drug or grocery store). Ingredients: cellulose, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. I also use Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo called Fall Fight. I also use the conditioner. It seems to help (I don't have as much hair in my comb/brush). It also has a touch of caffeine in it! I didn't really have thick hair to start out with, so I'm sure aging also has to do with some of my thinning hair, but both of these things are helping at least keep the hair I do have! You look like you have quite a head of thick hair, so you may notice it more. Best of luck!

  • Hi, Raj

    My hair thinned considerably for the first nine months or so after my kidney transplant, but has since grown back to its former thickness. I even bought a couple of wigs but ended up not needing them. I tried Nioxin but didn't notice any results. Good luck to you.

  • Hi, Raja,

    At the 4-month-post-transplant point, I started to lose my mid-back length hair by the handsful.  I consulted with my transplant team and nephrologist and no one knew why.  Finally, my surgeon told me that it was the Prograf and the anesthesia, that many patients lose hair because of their reaction to anesthesia.  I researched hair loss for women for 2 weeks and then decided to join The Hair Club for Women - a VERY EXPENSIVE decision!  After 6 months with them, I stopped going, but I did continue with the use of Minoxydil 2%, which I still use today and must continue to use or I'll lose the hair that grew back.  Also, I take 2500 MG a day of Biotin with no side effects or drug interactions.  It took me 5 years to grow my hair back to its former length again, but I maintain it using the Minoxydil and Biotin (I also take B complex and a multi vitamin every day).  Then again, eating enough protein is necessary (it is the building block of hair), and I am a vegetarian, so I am very careful to get enough from non meat sources.

    Before I take anything, I talk to my nephrologist first, and I use a drug checker to see which of my many drugs will interact with my vitamins, and time my drugs accordingly.  My surgeon says that I shouldn't need the Minoxydil  any longer, but my research tells me that those who stop it do lose any hair that it helped to grow!  As I don't have any side effects from using it, I guess I'll continue!

    The Biotin helped my a lot, but not in any combo pill with many other ingredients.  It was recommended by my dermatologist.  Also, I only use doctors affiliated with my transplant center hospital, and all my (dozen or so) doctors know each other and are digitally connected online via the hospital portal, as am I.

    All things aside, hair is a very personal part of all of us and it's scary to lose it.  Best of luck, Raja!

  • Hi Raj: I suffered hair loss too. But two years out from transplant my hair has almost fully grown back. It takes time but be patient.
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