Happy but Sad

Hello Transplant friends. My name is Mercedes Thaxton. I'm a mother of 3 teenage daughters, 2 of which are twins, I was diagnosed with kidney failure from hypertension and just wanted to introduce myself to the transplant friends community.   

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  • Mercedes, try not to be afraid or you won't think clearly. Find the right doctors within your insurance plan and gain as much knowledge as possible. it will make decisions easier. I've learned, Not all doctors are created equal so pay attention and find one that is current in: reading new studies, diagnosis, etc. So glad you joined us. We will help all we can. We have been supported and given support for years. God bless you.

    • Thank you I know it will be better God is Blessing me bc he sent you to me. I know God loves me and my Family and I'm going to LIVE.

  • Welcome to the group.

    • Thanks it's great to have people to talk to sometimes I get afraid contact me often if your not busy 😊

      • Hi Mercedes,

        If you don't mind me asking - Which illness do you have and at what stage?


        • Hello JC I was diagnosed 3 years ago with acute rental failure, now I have enstage kidney disease I'm really frightened trying to cope I feel like my life is been put on hold trying to cope with this disease. Thanks.

          • I know it can be intimidating and scary at times, and we are all different but I found out that, for me, knowing all I can about my condition and options makes a big difference. I know all about my condition and very much dictate what happens with me. I collaborate with my doctors and most are very happy with me being a knowledgeable patient. Not all do and that's ok and the reason I no longer see them. I do not know if you are but try to be informed and stay ahead of the game to avoid surprises. Ex; When I began to realize that dialysis was going to be a posibility I called my physician and requested a to see a surgeon for the fistula surgery. I research the process and not only decided where I wanted it done but the date and the time of the surgery. Once it was done a ready(It takes a couple of months to mature) I called and requested when and where I wanted to begin dialysis. So for me being in control as much as I can works fine. 

            Do you know your GFR?


            • Thank you JC ,no I don't know my GFR I will ask at my dialysis.

              • Hi Mercedes,

                No worries Mercedes. I don't want to be intrusive, if you are on dialysis that it's being taken care of by dialysis.


                • Hi JC it's Mercedes I just made the appointment to see the nefrologist at my dialysis and the dietician they will give me my GFR I did find out I need a 19 BMI so soon as I find out I can tell you have a good weekend!

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