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I had my transplant 6 months ago and the Doctor is asking me to loose weight. I have lost weight many times in my life and so I know what I have to do.

I have done that and I am not loosing any weight. I know it's the Prograf and I know that I can't quit taking it but it sucks, to keep gaining weight.

Happy the transplant is successful. Don't like the side effects.

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  • I am sorry - did you mean you are having a hard time losing weight on prograf?  Are you also on Prednisone?  I thought that Prograf did not cause weight gain but it was the Prednisone that did.  Am I wrong?  Would really like to know!  Please advise = anyone out there!  

    Also - for those of you have been on prograf for years and years - did you have major hair loss or thinning hair?  I have lost some and have a sensitive scalp being on prograf now for 3.5, almost 4 months and wondering how much worse it can get.  

    I hope you are able to lose or gain weight - not sure which, but I think you mean you want to lose.  I have gained almost 10 pounds since transplant on prograf, cellcept, bellatacept, and prednisone.  Driving me crazy.  I have developed cellulite in that short of a time.  I hate it so much.


  • Like KB said - Dietician.

    I became my own dietician as it is important for the rest of our lives - avoiding sugars, potassium for many, etc.

    Nothing in a can, no sugar and keep carbs to positive things like pasta/rice.  I hired a trainer who also worked with me on food intake (eating 5x a day with specific amounts of nutrients/carbs/etc.  I cut added sugar out for the most part as Prednisone made me diabetic - 3 months later - not diabetic.  You are pretty early on so it will take some time.

    Food plan - exercise.  It is kind of our job during recovery.  I am 3 years post now and trying to gain weight lol.  


    Good luck.

  • Almost all Tx centers have a dietician, who works with recipients. Perhaps you should ask the team to set up an appointment and get the help you need to form a diet you can live with. There is no big secret...Eat less...Move more! I'm doing it at age 63 and when you see success, no matter how little, you get encouraged and keep going! Good Luck!

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