• I am so glad to hear that everyone has recuperated well from COVID; this is great news to hear.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Note: My sister (transplant recepient as well) got it and after monoclonal antibodies was like new the very next day. Amazing. She was vaccinated and boosted.

  • 3 weeks ago, I got Covid. But I have only itching throat for 2 days. I had kidney Tx many years ago. 

    Take care. 

    • I am so glad to earn you have overcome this virus and have returned to better health.

  • My husband and I both contracted Omicron in February 2022.  It was nothing.  We both had runny nose with cough for a month.  I had a headache for less than a week.  Husband had a sore throat and hoarse voice for a few days.  No big deal.  Not planning to get any more shots.

  • I had COVID twice for sure and suspect I contracted the new variant. It was not a big deal for me. I am unvaccinated.

    • Wonderful news! I believe I had a serious case at the start of the pandemic, about three weeks with fever, difficult breathing, serious fatigue. This wasn't confirmed, I was just isolated for two and a half months

      That was before there was a vaccine. I am vaccinated and boosted now, but I still isolate and stay away from my Tx center and only do telehealth appointments.


  • Yes I recently got COVID. I was lucky and nothing serious happened. I got a bad rash around my eyes and I lost taste and smell. I also was very tired. Has to isolate for 20 days 

    • I am so happy to learn you survived and recovered!

  • Did anybody take Paxlovid antiviral therapy for covid. Seems like it is not for Kidney transplant patients. 


    • Monoclonal antibodies are approved for Tx recipients and are the preferred treatment for therapy for those that are infected with Covid - 19. These new meds from Pfizer and Merck, while approved, will be scarce in supply until production increases and will be used only for a select group, pending usage reports.

      NPR article

      The COVID antiviral drugs are here but they're scarce. Here's what to know
      Paxlovid and molnupiravir have been authorized for emergency use to keep COVID-19 patients out of the hospital, but don't expect to be able to go to…
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