• Did anybody take Paxlovid antiviral therapy for covid. Seems like it is not for Kidney transplant patients. 


    • Monoclonal antibodies are approved for Tx recipients and are the preferred treatment for therapy for those that are infected with Covid - 19. These new meds from Pfizer and Merck, while approved, will be scarce in supply until production increases and will be used only for a select group, pending usage reports.

      NPR article

      The COVID antiviral drugs are here but they're scarce. Here's what to know
      Paxlovid and molnupiravir have been authorized for emergency use to keep COVID-19 patients out of the hospital, but don't expect to be able to go to…
  • I am a kidney transplant post op 2 years and everyone in my house except me has covid. I have not gotten the shot either. I have to share the bathroom with 2 of them. It is believed they have the omicron varient. I have been doing all the cooking and leaving food at their bedroom doors. My fiance is in the same bedroom but is sleeping on the floor and no he is not wearing a mask but I wear a face shield. Hope this helps. 

  • Yes, I'm a kidney transplant patient 5-20-87 I received moderna Feb 1st and March 1st. I got Covid in late August this year. Fever about 100 felt like flu for two days. Docs sent me in for monoclonal antibody treatment at 4pm ofn second day of fever. Next morning I felt 100% normal zero issues after. 

    • Wow that is great news that you were ok.

  • Yes! A study at the University of California San Diego reported;

    "During the study period, there were 65 diagnosed cases of COVID-19 among the organ recipients: four among fully vaccinated individuals and 61 among the controls (two involving partially vaccinated individuals). There were no deaths among the breakthrough COVID-19 cases, but two among the 61 control cases."




    Organ Transplant Recipients Significantly Protected by COVID-19 Vaccination
    UC San Diego researchers report that solid organ transplant recipients who were vaccinated experienced an almost 80 percent reduction in the incidenc…
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