Like I asked above!  Have any women out there gotten pregnant post transplant?  How long after transplant?  At what age did you become pregnant?  Thanks so much!

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  • Hi

    yes I got pregnant after transplant at age 36!

    my son is a healthy 18 yr old now

    • I am so happy for  you!  Can I ask you this - how long had you had your transplant did you become pregnant?  How old were you when you got your transplant?  So glad your son is healthy!

      • Hi

        he was born after 3 yrs transplant

        i recieved a kidney from my mum when I was 33 

        Lasted 16 yrs

        im now on my second transplant ( donated by my brother ) 


        2 yrs now

        if you want to ask anything my e mail is stq66@

        Hes a healthy perfectly formed 18 yr old (apart from being cheeky ) lol

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