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Healing from surgery post transplant?

Has anyone had trouble with healing from a surgery after receiving a transplant? I ask because I have not been healing properly since a surgery I had earlier this year. I know that being on immunosuppressants can make it harder to heal. I was wondering what others' experiences with healing from surgeries post transplant have been, the good, bad, and in between. I am making sure to keep in contact with my doctors and would not do anything without their approval. It would help me enormously to know how it has been for others. I appreciate any responses. Many hugs and good wishes to all.

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  • Hello not all immunosuppressant slow down healing, I wonder are you taking sirolomus? If you are taking this drug this can slow down healing. Where as if you are taking tacrolimus it is better in regard to healing.
    • Thank you for the reply. I am taking tacrilomus. It may be that my problem is more of an nutrition issue.

  • Some of my surgeries have been fantastic, and some absolutely the pits. Not too much to say about the ones that healed really well, but I had a surgery on my femoral artery in my right groin area that got majorly infected. It went from a roughly 5 or 6 inch incision to a gaping wound that was almost 2 inches wide or more and had to be debrided. I ended up with a vac dressing for 3 months and thank heavens for my picc line so that I could get daily antibiotics at home along with the home care for the wound. It took about 4 or 5 months, but it went from monstrously huge (and gross) to just a pinhole that leaked plain fluid for a while (unfortunately, I looked like I peed my pants for a time) and then healed up completely. Once I started the vac dressing, it was very steady healing. It just took time due to the size.

    Hope I didn't scare you, but the only thing remaining in that area is a bit less flexibility, a thin scar, a loss of hair (cheaper to get a bikini wax now lol) and a tiny bit of weakness in my leg. This was about 3 or 4 years ago (lost count, sorry) and while it was awful at the time, I don't remember all that much. 

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sorry that you had to endure all that, but I am glad that your incision finally healed up. You give me hope that mine will eventually heal. Perhaps I just need some more time or better nutrition. Besides the antibiotics, did your doctors suggest any supplements to help you heal? My PCP suggested that I take some vitamin C and a protein powder supplement when I told him about my problem healing today at my check-up appointment. I am going to ask my other doctors first to make sure that is okay for me. I hope you are doing well and always appreciate your support. Many hugs and best of wishes are flying to you from me.

      Warm regards,

  • Hi Bobbiejo, <br />
    I don't know how much my experience will help as I'm not sure what kind of surgery you had or what kind of &quot;healing&quot; specifically you are referring to. <br />
    For what it's worth, I just had my left kidney removed via laparoscopic and hand assist, and my husband had the kidney transplanted and a Peroteniel Catherter (from dialysis) removed. <br />
    <br />
    From the beginning they said the surgery was harder on the recipient and they were right!! My surgery was more invasive, and became a bit more complicated when one of the renal arteries was damaged and had to be fixed. I have 4 laparoscopy incision in my left side and a 5&quot; incision at my bikini line. Thankfully neither of us had any kind of post surgery infections. My incisions were sutured internal and glued at the external. It's 3 weeks and my glue is starting to peel with the outer scab and the incision underneath is healed nicely and pink. My abdomen was very swollen and went down the first few days but that was the most drastic I saw it go down. The most painful for me was where they removed the kidney through my abdominal muscles and out the lower incision. I still have quite the swollen belly pooch and it's very uncomfortable, and I still have pain getting up and down-rolling over-sitting up but its dissipating. <br />
    Hubby had less pain overall. His incision is like an L curve from about the bottom of the rib cage to under the belly button. He had staples, and his incision has been healing very nicely, a minute amount of draining (but he has JP drain) and not much scab. The JP is draing a lot about 250 per day. After week one the staples were causing redness just around the staple but the incision was fine so they removed the staples at week two. He has some swelling still (less than me) and complains or soreness sometimes but he didn't even use his pain meds. (I've used all of mine and his LOL ) overall that's our experience and I think we are healing very well. I'm sorry your having trouble I hope you turn the corner soon.
    • Thank you so much for telling me of your experiences. It's wonderful that you were willing to give your husband a kidney. People like you are my heroes. I hope that you and he have been continuing to make good progress in recovering. May your husband be blessed with this kidney for a very long time. Many hugs and wishes for renewal and full healing are being sent your way.

      Warm regards,

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