I checked with every available insurance company in India for Health and life insurance after kidney transplant. But not a single company is ready to offer any. So I wanted to know if anyone from our members have taken insurance policy after they have undergone kidney transplant. That would be appreciated 

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  • I too have been trying hard, but no luck so far. As a matter of fact even my husband, who is donor in my case has been refused health insurance.

  • I have insurance from New India Assurance through my CA institute. It covered expenses for Dialysis and my second transplant. Govt Insurance companies have plans. They also cover pre-existing conditons after year or two of continuous coverage. I would recommend you to check plans from Govt Insurance Cos.

  • In the USA, it is the same situation, you either had pre-existing health and life insurance, or the cost of getting insurance is preventatively too high, if available at all. A beloved uncle was an underwriter for many major insurers, who explained it to me this way. We are all considered "terminal" patients and because our fate can be controlled by our own compliance, we are not viewed as a "good risk." 

    This is understandable, but, I do not know any group of people, who work so hard to stay alive! I have had to break the "bad news" to insurance salespeople, who after speaking to their underwriters, shy away from me like I was some kind of pariah.  I also find this a bittersweet bit of humor, as my ESRD was discovered during physical exams for a large life insurance policy.

    I do not speak of legality or at least fairness. I would let the recipients decide for themselves.


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