Health Insurance

what kind of helath insurance do you use and whats recommended ?

I've been on my parents health insurance I'm 21 and trying to get my own health insurance

because my dad plans to retire soon. I don't know where to go or start I don't work at the moment so i cant get it through a job.

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  • Do you have a social worker at your Nephrologist office?If not,try the dialysis clinic that he works with.they can give you all kinds of answers and help with insurance.

  • You also have to take into consideration as to whether or not you have a pre-existing condition. I would look into perhaps paying a premium on your dad's insurance there by keeping the plan you have. The reason is two-fold, you don't have any health questions concerning pre-existing conditions and it may be cheaper to pay this premium than to go out and get a brand new insurance plan.


    Either way I know when you leave a company you usually have the option to maintain the Insurance plan you just have to pay the whole premium.

  • If you're not working and have low income and assets, you should be able to qualify for Medicaid in your state.

    Different states have different regulations and plans. In some, if you're living with your parents, and if your parents have any money, you might not qualify until you're 23 (unless you don't live with them). You can stay on your father's insurance until you're in your mid 20's. If you are not poor, then individual insurance can be very expensive. In NY, an individual HMO costs upwards of $1,000/month, unless you qualify for some other state insurance program. Part of the health reform law calls for cheaper insurance by 2014, and some states are beginning to implement these programs, but in the spring, the supreme court could shoot down the health reform law, and then all bets are off.

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