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I am a little over five months post transplant.  I am doing well and very grateful to my donor family.  I was feeling really good the first few months and now I am feeling down in the dumps.  I feel like I could lay in the bed all day.  I don't though, but it is really tough for me to get going in the mornings.  I am fine once I get going, but I feel run down by the end of the day.  Also the tremors have not gotten any better yet.  Is all of this normal?

Thank you

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  • Hello AF How are you doing and congradulations on the transplant. I also recieved my heart at duke. I will be 3 years in on 2/9/2017. I reside in Greensboro N.C. 

  • Thank guys for all the input.  This is a great site.

    • :) I am happy you are pleased with this site.

  • I feel very grateful to the donor family as well. I feel down a lot as well. Believe it or not, I start feeling the worst right before the doctor appointments. I know that in the beginning you have to go a lot more often. I have a lot of anxiety about the results of everything. I totally know that feeling and if you need to talk please reply.
    • Hang in there AFDuke,  Notify you transplant team of your systoms, so they adjust your meds and or diet.

      I am 8 years out of a Heart Transplant, and doing great.  Some minor problems with side affects of Cyclosporin, but nothing I can't handle.  I met my donors widow three months out.  My donor was local and both my kids knew him. His widow has been living with me for seven years now.  We are the best of friends.

  • Hey AF. Congratulations on 5 months post transplant. I am 13 1/2 months post heart transplant and I have had 16 boipsies. All 16 have been "Zero" rejection which we give thanks to the good Lord for. As has been said, your tremors are normal. Your lack of energy and motivation to get out of bed could be a low thyroid. Has your doctor thouroughly checked your thyroid? Also, you might need to take a multi-vitamin. One other thing.....have your iron level checked.

    While you are still in the bed, say thank you for my heart Lord and ask him to help you to get out of the bed. Something that helps me to get started of a morning is to play my radio, not the TV.  My favorite music is southern gospel, but I do listen to several of the local radio stations.The idea is to think of something that will force you to get out of the bed. Renew an interest or hobby you used to do before you became so ill you could not participate in anything.

    Phone someone who is sick or home bound and talk to them for a while.

    Good luck in "rising and shining " from now on in the mornings. Allow your transplant to do good for someone else, too

  • Hi There AF

    How is your diet? If you are taking in too many carbs and not eating enough protein, this could be part of your trouble.

    Have you been tested for any viruses? I hope you hear from more heart transplant members.

    Feel better soon and keep positive.

  •  Hey AF,  yes every thing your experiencing  is normal,  you will be an emotional wreck at times for a bit more , you should also let your loved ones know about this ,  the shakes you have is also normal,  once your tx team starts cutting back on your meds  you should notice a difference , Congrats on your miracle !  6 months was my frist mile stone, seemed every thing FOR me  was working well by that point,  good luck  Live Life !!

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