heart transplant

did any one get a heart transplant at columbia presbyterian,ny,and was told by their doctor,they could not mow there lawn ,i was told i could not then after my year ok only to wear a mask,

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  • 26 years out with a new heart..........I painted my house at 4 months, and have been mowing my lawns sans mask since I was healed enough to operate a mower.  There was no mention of prohibiting mowing........

  • MY Doc was OZ  in 2000. The Doc is right about the lawn situation, any type of dust, mildew, etc. can cause serious lung problems. The first few years are critical. Be a sport and pay someone to mow your lawn. 

    Morton Jerry  Roth

    • thats cool,that your doc was dr oz,but they said as long as i wear a mask it ok to mow,ill be three tears out this aug. I also know somsome one that got a transplant there,they never told hime anything about the lawn. And i also know one more person,that got there,heart xpant there ,they told her to not go near people that are mowing,and keep windows closed. but they neve told me any thing,i think it depends on your dr,mine is dr farr

  • Well I have undergone heart transplant but not at Colombia. I have had this at Justsavelives.com transplant center at Israel. It was such a difficult situation for me to decide, whether I should go for transplant or not. I spent more than six month making this decision and at last I had this successful surgery that truly change my life.

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