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Hi everyone. After six completed months of IVIG. I went today for labs and the numbers were horrible.


my creatinine level was 2.3

my BUN was 62

my C02 was 12

my anion gap was 14

Are the numbers that terrible?

and could dehydration be the cause of it?

I have metabolic acidosis though

but I take 650 mg of Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Citrate

I don't understand. The IVIG was suppose to help better my numbers and it's not doing anything.



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  • Thank you so much!  Yes, I was very dehydrated. I spoke with my Dr. and she said I had nothing to worry about to just make sure I stay hydrated. :) thank you so much. 

  • May I ask what you are being treated for? I know that it works for your immune system and certain diseases 

  • 2.3 Creatinine I had my Creatine Before transplant at 9..Listen remember Dehydration may factor in you NEED to drink water,toma,aqua!..I mean dont over do it but drink enough.I honestly dont know about metaacid?No idea.Numbers will always fluctuate especial first year for me it did.So Tranquila Jackson es Lo Mejor.Your in Good hands...Ciao,Robert

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