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I'm 3+ years with my transplant. My hemoglobin levels have been low before and after. Averaging 1o.3 with a few 8 and 9 readings. I am currently getting Procrit injections every 2 weeks of 10,000 units. are there any tricks to getting my levels up? I've changed my diet trying to get the level up. 

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  • Thanks Kidneyboy for the info. I've been getting Procrit since I was on dialysis, both OD home and Hemo at a clinic foe 2.5 years and 3.5 years after my transplant. I compare it to having a car with an oil leak in the engine, instead of fixing the leak, you just keep adding oil. I got a few suggestions from the links in your reply that I;m going to try. Thanks.

    • A fitting comparison there, I was recieving 20K units of epogin/per week on dialysis, before getting a "packed cell" transfusion and then my first Tx, which cleared up that issue. Happy hunting!

  • Anemia post-Tx is a common issue, however, this condition may be related to your cardiac issue and beyond your ability to control with simple changes. Depending on the success of the Procrit therapy, which is the first step, may require further corrective measures. ottom line, you had faith in the Tx team's ability to transplant you, so should you use that faith to treat this issue. Try to stay calm as they correct this issue and if there are any changes that you need to make, the team will guide you. Asking questions, both here and of your Tx team will bolster your faith and bring confidence in your plan of care. I placed links below about this issue and treatment (includes gloom and doom, worst case info.) Let us hope the present therapy is all you need to return to health. 

    BMC info 


    Post renal transplant anemia: severity, causes and their association with graft and patient survival
    Post transplantation anemia (PTA) is common among kidney transplant patients. PTA is associated with increased graft loss and in most studies with in…
  •  Could be because of medicines.

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