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October 2017, I started a regimen of Herbal remedies to treat Cystic Fibrosis - correcting and potentiating CFTR. I felt that if I could correct the defective gene that causes CF then my diagnosis of Chronic Rejection would either keep me stable or improve my health.
Before starting my daily intake of TauriNac and Indrepta (herbs and amino acids) I tried to treat the Chronic Rejection with Solumedrol treatments. Looking back, I wish I only tried one treatment. I went through higher viral loads of Epstein Barr Virus and then developed Asperglilious because of the Steroids (currently I am steroid free -my choice).
Prior to my diagnosis of C.R. I was taking a low dose of Tumeric as compared to today. I was also taking NAC which is also part of the amino acids that I take today. Looking back, prior to getting a bad cold (virus) I was not eating that healthy as I normally do and stopped taking Tumeric and NAC.
Fast forward- Since Oct 2017 when I started taking Indrepta and TauriNac, my CT scan of the Chest healed, Pulmonary Function tests remain stable, my oxygen saturation is now at 98-99 during workouts for 25 minutes, my A1-C dropped from 6.2 down to 4.8, I no longer have EBV and Aspergillus and my last sputum test revealed negative to Psuedomonas which I battled since the age of seven years old. I am going to repeat this test to make sure. My appetite has increased, my muscle tone looks much better and overall, I sleep well.
I will continue to stay on Indrepta and TauriNac and a few other herbs that I am recently taking. I would have never imagined that I would even talk about herbs. Now that I am reading more about transplant and herbs there are other patients trying them for their conditions.
Bottom line, I felt desperate to do something. This is my second transplant and I want it to last as long as possible. I know how difficult it was with my first transplant and looking back, I see how medical science has changed.
Indrepta and TauriNac are gaining popularity with COPD patients as well.

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  • Hi, has anyone here tried monolaurin? It kills CMV and Epstein Barr Virus and other infections and viruses. I would love to continue taking this supplement but not sure if it would be safe for kidney and pancreas patient like myself. 

    • I have taken monolaurin and lysine together in one pill.  I prefer lysine and vitamin c (magnesium ascorbate) to keep EBV away.

      I am not an expert on herbs and side effects.  

      I wish you the best

      • Thanks so much for your reply! Did monolaurin or lysine mess with your tacrolimus levels? Did it boost your immune system? 

  • Indrepta contains ECCG


    Green tea epigallo-catechin-galleate ameliorates the development of obliterative airway disease. -…
    Exp Lung Res. 2011 Sep;37(7):435-44. doi: 10.3109/01902148.2011.584359. Epub 2011 Jul 25.
  • Thanks Hostess for this post.         Post liver transplant patient and I have found out, I have stage three kidney failure, tachycardia “something” which will require radio frequency to kill a nerve on my heart (not worried about that), and 70% heart blockage which doctor said is no big deal. Annoyance: I have asked my team about my kidney numbers for two years and received a “no worries” response. No one mentioned the 70% heart blockage in my pre -transplant testing records EVER. Naturally, I am frustrated and there is  tachycardia “something” problem I also have, requiring four appt’s and radio frequency to kill a nerve which electrically taps my heart into well over 220bpm. All this I can fix, some with doctors, but what I need to know; has anyone used Marshmellow root? It is a muscilagenous herb I need to use to soothe my kidneys. Very affective and safe enough for a baby. This herb should not, in any way, alter the trough levels of my meds. Yet, I can’t ask the doctors because they say “no” about everything, even what some of you have used regularly. So annoying. I realize the drug companies cannot test everything so I am asking any of you before I do a trial for myself. You know....try the herb and quickly get a blood test. I have been compliant about everything except where I get my suppplements. Doctors want Walmart type brands and that would be a loud “NO” for me. I worked for an herbalist for two years and studied on my own. Much I don’t know but supplements from stores are fairly useless. Most informed people are aware. So.... Marshmellow root anyone? Thanks, need my kidneys.

    • I have only tried this product two times. I will keep you posted.

    • I just bought this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074WLN3WN/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_...

      I will let you know what I think. It sounds like it would be great for my health too.  Let me know what you experience.

      You need to be extra careful because there are many herbs that could potentially pose a problem to your health especially with your heart racing.  Are you taking magnesium and if so, which mag supplement works for you.


      Amazon.com: Pure USDA Organic Marshmallow Root Powder (4 Ounce), Powerfully Supports Healthy Gut an…
      Buy Pure USDA Organic Marshmallow Root Powder (4 Ounce), Powerfully Supports Healthy Gut and Lung Function. Non-Irradiated, Non-Contaminated and Non-…
      • I found that Lysine works well for me and I take it as needed if I feel EbV symptoms which has not been the case for sometime.

        One time I took too much and my heart was racing for hours. It was quite a scary experience. Thankfully, my heart beat went back to normnal and I learned to never exceed over 1000mg of Lysine at any time.  I only now take 500mg and that really helps along with some vitamin c.

    • Hello Barb

      I was going to try this herb and found it online. I do believe I bought it but there was another ingredient that did not work for me. After reading about it again, I am going to look for a brand and buy it as it sounds good for CF.   I always buy from amazon as they have the best return policy.  

      As you probably have read before, I practice muscle testing. When I buy something I will test myself is this good for me and do i need it now.  I test each time I want to take anything.  I also try and observe how I feel at least 15 minutes after taking anything new. I touch my glands around my neck and check later on that day. Some herbs can suppress your immune system.

      https://draxe.com/marshmallow-root/  Wishing you well with everything.  if you decide to take it - I hope it works for you.  I always buy from an organic source and also non gmo and all caps need to be vegetarian as gelatin source caps are not.  Even the company NOW sometimes uses bovine gelatin caps.  I will never get an acurate muscle test with a gelatin cap.  Gelatin can weaken the body if you are prone to viruses and I try and avoid collagen products for this reason as well. I will try and find a source to show you.

       I wish you the best with your tests

      • Yes, I have to muscle test my herbs i believe I need them. But I try not to use anything unless I have too. I also start a new herb, about a week before a blood test to know for sure. Marshmellow root is extremely benign but I have used it for years before transplant. It should soothe all my tissues without conflict. No matter what, I do not sit and let my body go down hill. If doctors aren’t listening, I have to contact other holistic professionals and do my own research. I found out, will have to have a heart ablation, due to a loose electrical nerve around my heart that shocks it into very high bpm. That will be resolved. My focus is osteoporosis which I am using calcium, magnesium and exercise. Taking large doses of D-3 resolved my two year depression. A regular doctor, who is a post transplant also and is very holistic, explained that no one who had inoculations in the 50’s and maybe early 60’s, can assimilate much D-3 from the sun, due to an enzyme the vaccines killed (Mangalase or something like that), along with compromising all our ummune system especially against cancer etc..                              Magnesium and melatonin is enough to help me sleep now. So happy to be off of sleeping pills. Funny how they keep you exhausted. Found out,  NO sleeping meds allow REM sleep. Great! Doctors give me something that allowed me only to doze for two years. Sooo, two weeks of good REM sleep and then my compromised kidneys become symptomatic. Doctors just kept saying, “As long as your numbers are consistent, we aren’t worried about it”. Great right? Well I am forced to worry about it now because they didn’t over the last four years, no matter how much I questioned. Glad to see you are ambitious about taking responsibility for your health. Thanks for your support and assistance.           Not thrilled with going on a pro-kidney diet but have to, until things change. I have a couple of pure, quality herb companies, I trust. The other day, I needed melatonin right away and had to test every bottle of it, in a small health food store, to find ONE good one. My friend always told me, when you shop, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to get a prince. So true with herbs.


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