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October 2017, I started a regimen of Herbal remedies to treat Cystic Fibrosis - correcting and potentiating CFTR. I felt that if I could correct the defective gene that causes CF then my diagnosis of Chronic Rejection would either keep me stable or improve my health.
Before starting my daily intake of TauriNac and Indrepta (herbs and amino acids) I tried to treat the Chronic Rejection with Solumedrol treatments. Looking back, I wish I only tried one treatment. I went through higher viral loads of Epstein Barr Virus and then developed Asperglilious because of the Steroids (currently I am steroid free -my choice).
Prior to my diagnosis of C.R. I was taking a low dose of Tumeric as compared to today. I was also taking NAC which is also part of the amino acids that I take today. Looking back, prior to getting a bad cold (virus) I was not eating that healthy as I normally do and stopped taking Tumeric and NAC.
Fast forward- Since Oct 2017 when I started taking Indrepta and TauriNac, my CT scan of the Chest healed, Pulmonary Function tests remain stable, my oxygen saturation is now at 98-99 during workouts for 25 minutes, my A1-C dropped from 6.2 down to 4.8, I no longer have EBV and Aspergillus and my last sputum test revealed negative to Psuedomonas which I battled since the age of seven years old. I am going to repeat this test to make sure. My appetite has increased, my muscle tone looks much better and overall, I sleep well.
I will continue to stay on Indrepta and TauriNac and a few other herbs that I am recently taking. I would have never imagined that I would even talk about herbs. Now that I am reading more about transplant and herbs there are other patients trying them for their conditions.
Bottom line, I felt desperate to do something. This is my second transplant and I want it to last as long as possible. I know how difficult it was with my first transplant and looking back, I see how medical science has changed.
Indrepta and TauriNac are gaining popularity with COPD patients as well.

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      • Here is the source I was referring to

        I do have some trouble eating nuts and seeds for the same reason.

        Natural Treatments for Shingles and Herpes Relief
        Useful natural treatments for Shingles and Herpes relief includes herbs for Shingles as well as Stress management to help immune function.
  • Hello friend 

    Can high tacralimus level cause fever and high creatinine?

    Can creatinine come back after treat high tacralimus level? Please reply


    • i am Four months kidney transplant. I am 30year male. This month Friday I got fever 99.5 doctor tell me for prestamol 500mg later fever was normal after 3 days it return back and doctors give me antibiotics for 5 days now it is normal. Before my creatinine was 1.00 after fever it was1.14 and then 1.19  and after 3 days it is 1.29 and it takes time of 9 days to reach 1.00 this any rejection or effect of antibiotic or fever. during fever creatinine begun rise  ?can creatinine will back  to 1.00.please reply it will be great kindness
    • Hi Sataj

      I hope you feel better- I am sure your numbers will come back soon. Keep eating healthy and relaxing and live a normal life. Drugs are hard on the kidneys.  A healthy diet does wonders for healing.
      • please visit my previous post 
  • I would like to add that I am currently taking CBD oil from Blue Bird Botanicals.

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