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  • Hello Asish,

    I would be sure to alert both the Tx team and your primary care doctor of these issues. Hopefully it IS just the difference in BP machines.  Sometimes it becomes your responsibility to keep everyone on the "same page."  I ask if you are eating regularly?  At times the medications we must take interfere with this.  I hope you find an answer soon.

  • Just FYI everyone, I kept getting fairly high BP readings at my Primary Care doctor office but near normal ones everywhere else. The nephrologist's nurse told me that those electric, digital cuffs frequently cause higher readings than the old hand pump variety.
    • I have been told this is true.

  • I'm a 16 yr kidney transplant. Although I'm on blood pressure meds not unusual for transplants, I get the same symptoms as you're having when I'm overly stressed and not getting proper rest and nourishment. I would bring this problem to your doctor's attention, might be something to be looked at. 

  • For BP, there is much we can do regarding what we eat, staying hydrated, getting exercise, etc.  But it is hard to beat heredity and the aging process.  To some extent as arteries harden your BP is going to go up with age.  

    One little pill each day dropped my BP 15 points.  I "only" weigh 205 lbs.  But, if I loose 10 to 15 pounds the BP  drops off and I sleep better.

    Weight loss.  I don't know what to say about that.  Eat more protein (if you can) and lift weights.

    See a doc.  BP is nothing to play with.

  • What foods are you eating? Processed foods are high in sodium.  I would talk to your doctors to see what they recommend. We are not doctors here.

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