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Hello everyone I recently had my labs done about two weeks ago, and my creatine level was stable. My creatine level went up recently after my labs showed a high level of Tacrolimus which was 9.1. I retested last week after my doctor lowered my dose. My creatinine stayed the same but my Prograf level went down to within range to 5.1. How long does it take for your creatine to go down after a high-level the Prograf was in your system.Any advice, I’m a little worried.

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  • Even though there is a connection between high Prograf levels and elevated creatinine readings, it is not the only factor affecting it. Hydration, illness/infection, rejection and even stress can be contributing factors. That said, I have had a few occasions when a high Tacrolimus level raised my creatinine level and after dose adjustments, it up to two weeks for this reading to start to drift downward.

    As you may know, creatinine levels fluctuate often and Tx teams compare many tests results to judge kidney function. It is a bit of the "tail wagging the dog" taking action to manicure creatinine numbers. This should not be a source of worry and I hope your reading returns to "normal" soon.

    • Thank you very much for your reply. I retested tracolimus level and level went down to a 5.1. My Creatine level remained the same 10 days later when I retested, but my transplant doctor did agree for me to stay hydrated. Trying not to worry and trusting God that everything will be OK. Thanks again for your encouraging words

  • May i know whats the level of your creatinine and how long your kidney had been transplanted? Your tacro level is good as long as it stays in range of 5-7 your in good shape. Adjusting tacro level after a high result is definitely a must coz you’re kidney might be rejected due to tacrotoxicity. Gettin in touch w/ your tx team really helps. And always Pray to God no matter what . Its our best medicine.

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