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High creatinine- 7 year old

My son is 7 years and I had mentioned in the previous post on having cellular rejection and getting Thymoglobuklin treatment 2 monmths back. After that all of his meds were increases in dosage

Prograf - 4.5 twice/day

Imuran- 50 mg/day

Predinosone - 7.5 mg/day 

with antibiotics and anti virals for 3 months. WE got through the 8 weeks of " being cautious and careful". But this week he had abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea and got hospitalized. HE got tons of fluid, GI scope and tons of viral and bacterial studies. Rota virus came positive but in 4 days his diarrhe stopped. We are 5th day in hospital right now . But this creatinine is trending to .96 and today 1.03.

It s crazy ,there are so many moving pieces but coming back to this situation I feel like his prograf maybe too much and thats causing the spike coz he got so many fluids and all else seem ok.

Any thoughts pls ?

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  • The move in Creatinine is not a large one, provided the steady increase does NOT continue. This is probably related to diarrhea and vomiting affecting his fluid balance.

    Creatine levels are more often affected by hydration, closely followed by medication, diet, illness, and even stress. The importance of reading levels is to identify trends (especially steadily rising,) comparing multiple results rather than an instant-read of kidney function.

    I do hope and pray that your son continues to improve with each day. This will get easier in time, I promise!

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