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High ferritin level and inflammation

Hi everyone.I have read that high ferritin levels cause fatigue and inflammation. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this? My ferritin level runs near 600. Also, is there any pain medicine relief beside Tylenol that is prescribed for kidney transplant patients?Thank you for any comments.Mary

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  • I had a friend that had high ferritin levels and for many years he has had to go from time to time and just give some blood to get the levels down.  Not sure how they do all that if it's going through a centrifuge and parts of the cells returned or just a whole blood donation.  You may want to see a hematologist to get their opinion.


  • I am allowed Tramadol.  It comes in 50mg tablets and I cut it in half, which is plenty for me.

  • I am a liver transplant patient.  I too can only take acetaminophen.  Fortunately it works for me.

    As for the ferritin levels, I too had high iron levels.  They found this just prior to my transplant.  It was not a factor in my transplant.  I was diagnosed with Hemochromatosis.  It is an iron disorder in which the body simply loads too much iron. As you indicate it can cause many inflammatory issues.  It can be easily treated.  

    • Thank you Joe. I see my nephrologist this week .. I sure hope that this can be treated. It's making me crazy. Lol. I am miserable most of the day. I try to stretch and keep active but it seems to make it worse. Trying to keep positive . Have a good day. Mary
  • Hi Mary, 

    High Ferritin levels is not totally unusual in Tx patients.  It may just be indicative of your present condition.  I added links below to compare info from trusted sites, about high Ferritin conditions

    Additionally, Ibuprofen and Nsaids are known to be nephrotoxic under certain conditions like continual use.  I can only take acetaminophen, as I am highly allergic to the others (end result - severe anaphylaxis.)  You are the best to judge, as a new study is issued every few weeks touting the benefits of one type over another.  I hope this helps.

    Mayo Clinic - Ferritin testing info - Ferritin info

    • Hi KB,
      Thank you for these web sites. By the way I am a Steelers fan but I do think the patriots are a great team. Unless the Falcons can contain Brady, the Patriots will take the win. Good luck.
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