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High fever since yesterday evening

Hello friends,

Since yesterday I m feeling high fever. Tests like RBC cbc creat dengue test all normal.

Doctor just gave tablets n told to check for two days.

I'm worried it should not effect kidney. Is there anyone who faced high fever for more than one day.

What other tests n medicine to take.

Please reply

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  • Today checked for shows positive..but my temperature is back to pain..platlet also normal... Dr suggested only plenty of water n fluid through IV...what it means?

    • Blood work revealed the presence/exposure to Dengue, however, this may be the remainder of that dying infection, thus the IV fluids to "flush" it out of your bloodstream. You should press of explanations until you fully understand the plan of care. Remember, there are no silly questions.

      • Sure KB,

        I hope you can understand that I'm going through all these first time. This makes mi scared everytime I face something new.

        • I do not blame you for this feeling. Few, if any could stay unaffected by this event. Hopefully, your fever has dropped and you fully recover soon. Look forward to better (and quieter) days ahead, they are coming!

          This link might help understand Dengue, however, the blood work only shows that you were exposed to Dengue fever at some time and may not be the source of your fever.

          Sometimes we must rely on help from others. Rely on your Tx team, because what other choice do you have? 


  • HI

    Have you been near any one who had a cough or cold? It could be that you picked up something in the air and it shoud go a way . 

    I was in the room with about 100 people and one person had a cough and cold. 2 days later I was down with fever and sore throat and dry cough it has been 2 and half weeks since and still feeling lousy but better. So dont worry, it should get back to normal.

    Take care 

  • Do they know where is the fever coming from? Do you have a cold or flu? Any pain anywhere?

    • Checked for shows positive

  • What is your WBC count .. ??

    • It's normal...8100

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