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High GFR and Creatinine

Hello all. I am new here. I had a liver transplant 1.5 years ago due to acute liver failure. About 4 weeks ago I became unwell with food poisoning. By the time I ended up on hospital I was quite dehydrated. At that time my kidneys went through acute kidney injury. I had very high gfr numbers and creatinine which slowly came down after becoming a bit hydrated. My white blood count and red blood counts were very low. I came home and it took me weeks to recover. I've been for 3 blood tests in that time. In between some of the results had improved but the recent one showed gfr of 38 and creatinine 141. My GP was quite worried and now I have an appointment with my liver consultant this week. My white blood count and red blood count have been getting lower too. They stopped the azathioprine 3 weeks ago to help the white and red blood count but it hasn't made any difference.Any advice? I've become nervous this week after so many calls from my liver consultant and GP to make sure I've stopped azathioprine. I'm on 5mg x2 prograf a day. I need this because my body metabolises the medication quite fast.I'm worried now that I will go through kidney failure. Can my kidneys get better in time?Thanks

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  • Yes I know, you sound like me..I had my liver transplant four months ago and they just dropped my prograf dose today to 7 mgs per day as my body showed I had too much in my system. I can always feel it when there is too much .. a tingly feeling starts up and hair loss , my kidneys act up also which are now going in the right direction healing wise but that too fluctuates. So now I'm cutting out coffee too. I eat a lot of veggies for hydration, apples and protein with plenty of water. I used to be an athlete before my acute liver failure, and want to resume my exersice now, so I hope that works in the right direction.
  • More importantly than anything, yoiu need to talk to your transplant team.

    From the creatinine you posted, I'm assuming you are in Canada or Europe somewhere? For our American friends, a 141 creatinine translates to 1.6 (divide by 88). So it is slightly elevated, but absolutely not dangerously so.

    Ultimately, you want your eGFR to go up (estimated glomerular filtration rate) and your creatinine to go down. And you can recover from the dehydration and the illness. It may just take some time.

    I see you are on prograf. it can be hard on the kidneys, especially when other things are going on, but again, things can get better.

    Give it a bit of time. Sorry I havne't responded. I know this is scary, but between the food poisoning and being dehydrated, your overall labs will be a little bit off. Please keep us posted.

    • But the food poisoning episode was a month ago and these labs are just recent. I am from the UK. Thank you for the tip. Next time I will divide it for you all.

      I am on 10mg prograf a day and just stopped azathioprine 75mg 3 weeks ago.

      Thank you Cora. I will try not to stress so much. I am seeing my transplant team in a few days. They still see me every 6 weeks which is great.
      • Monira, I know it's hard, but try to relax. You have been through a lot and your poor little kidneys (who are obviously fighting the good fight) need a bit of a break. To put this in perspective for you, I have a really bad cold right now (day 1 of it) and I have labs next week. I fully expect that my creatinine is going to be (at a minimum) 20% above my regular baseline, even though I am hydrating well.

        It's hard to get used to, but your kidney function labs are going to bounce all over the place. What you want to keep an eye on is a steady increase, over regular labs, over about a 6 month period. Then, maybe, there will be some issue. In the meantime, pump non-caffeinated fluids and try and avoid salt. Baby your beans a bit.

        • Thank you Cora. I usually only ever have one small cup of coffee and not everyday. I will try to stay off salt and follow your tips.

          Thank you for the advice! I will let you know what the lover doctors say when I see them on Thursday.

  • I'm surprised you've had no replies.  This is usually a pretty talkative bunch!  I can't help much, but I'll add what I can.

    First, I hope that Creatinine of 141 is a typo.  Normal is about 0.80 to 1.40.  If yours is "141", well that's something else.  Assuming it is a typo, I would not be all fretting about a 1.41.  

    Second, I agree that a GFR of  38 is fairly low.  I'm think being dehydrated could have an effect. I wonder if being dehydrated would agrivate that.  I don't know. 

    Fret not. Relax.  See what the Docs have to say and let us know.

    Praying for you!  Be Well!

    • Hi Steve

      Thank you for the reply. No it wasn't a typo. It is actually 141 but I think in the UK it is measured differently.

      I am OK now and not dehydrated which puzzles me. I drink about 1 litre to 1.5 litre a day. I tried 2 litre and more a day but for the life of me I cannot fit it in. It makes me bloated and then I'm in the loo 10/12 times a day and night time I wake up a few times too.

      I read online that egfr of 38 is stage 3 kidney disease and now I'm fretting. I just haven't gone back to normal with creatinine and egfr. Creatinine keeps creeping up.

      • NY white blood count is also getting lower and red blood count. I just hope everything becomes stable and I do not have to hear that I have kidney disease now because of prograf.
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