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high pottasium

hello,,, i am 6 months post kidney liver transplant.  feeling pretty good and my blood test show everything is fine with my liver.  my kidney numbers could be a little bit better.  i was wondering if anyone has a problem with high potassium?  mine has been getting higher from 5.1 to 5.5. any help would be appreciated  thank you carol

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  • Hi Carol,

    This is a very good subject and I am 18+ months post liver transplant. I have one kidney, known prior to transplant and have had high potassium since transplant. Every person is different but in the beginning with a potassium reading in the 6.2 range, transplant was insistive I go to the ER and have it treated. Long and short of it my potassium still is in the high range around 5.2 to 5.6. Transplant explained to me in the beining that the drugs that I am required to take IE Tacro are going to wage war on the kidney I have left. I got a Nephrologist involved after several times of taking a potassium binder to lower my levels. The Nephrologist prescribed a low potassium diet with a water pill. This helped but there is potassium in almost everything we eat. The low potassium diet will help but will restrict your diet and as a foodie I sometimes find it difficult. The old saying red is not our friend comes to mind. Good luck with it and I hope it gets better moving forward. I cant remember the last time I ate an avacodo or a banana ! We won't talk about fresh tomatoes, pizza and french fries  !


    Tom S

    • hi  thanks for the info  my potassium was very high before the transplant and i had to be treated for it also.  now it wasnt as high as then it was around 5.5 last time.  but this week i had a blood test again and they called me and said it was lower it was good.  i still am trying to stay away from some very high potassium food but i cant stop eating pizza ! lol  transplant docs also told me it was from the tacro they had increased it a few weeks ago but now they decreased to cause it was too high   i m hoping when they get the dosage right my potassium will stay normal     

  • A good rule of thumb is to avoid fruits that are yellow or orange and potatoes. This worked for me my body was adjusting to the medications the first few months after my kidney transplant.

  • Hi Carol,

    My potassium levels too were in that range after my kidney transplant. I managed to control it by avoiding potassium rich fruits and vegetables.

    • thank you i have a list of high potassium rich food i am going to try to follow it 


      • Can you mention your list. My pottasioum level aslo high. I stop eatting any kind of fruits.

        • hi  yes  stay away from potatoes, tomatoes, figs, prunes, bannanas, milk, broccoli and some other vegetables.   you can look up online the list of the highest potassium fruits and vegetables also meat and fish.  they tell you some foods are very high in potassium such as avacdoes and some are in the medium range and some are pretty low.

          • In case of vegetable. I boiled them in water then cook and eat it. But my doctor allow me to eat fish. He said eat fish as much as you can. Fish is good protin for health.

            • I wonder why the potassium level would go up. I take prograf 1mg twice. And cellcept 750mg x 2 per day. I adjust my eatting accordingly to lab resultd. We all are very fortunate to be blessed. 

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