High tacrolimus level after becoming vegan

I became hard-core vegan in June 2021 for my health, and my tacrolimus level has doubled for no reason I can figure out.  My doc is adjusting my dose, but if anyone has experience with eating a vegan diet and having high tacro levels, I'd like to know!    Any help is appreciated...

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  • My tack levels always go up when I clean my diet up by removing meat and carbs. Raw foods and clean diet requires much less I made a suppressants. I was fasting for a long period of time without realizing how toxic my body had become from the immunosuppressant drugs. They were three times the level when blood checked.  Now, if I fast, it has to be only a day or two. Makes sense though; if your body is running well and everything is balanced, we need less of most any drug, right? I only wish my diet change helped my insomnia. 🤨

  • Hello Anna

    I searched online about complications from eating a plant-based diet. None of the articles described your particular issue, however, I found one that that is worth a look at. I hope your Tx team has already made adjustments to remedy your Tacrolimus levels. Stay Well!



    The Challenges of a Vegan Diet for Kidney Patients
    The best diet pattern for managing chronic kidney disease(CKD)isnotknown. A major challenge is thatdietaryneedschangewiththeprogressionof the disease…
  • Hello Anna, 

    This happened with me also 2 year back without any reason, me and my doctor struggled for 3-4 month to find correct dose of tacrolimus but no luck. Atlast I had to stop taking tacrolimus and started Belatacept.  Doing well so far on Belatacept. 

    I hope you find the answer. 

    - Thanks , Amit

  •  Hi Anna,

    I converted to a Full Vegetarian about a year ago. I've tested several times and my tacrolimus was perfect 6.1 .   Is there anything else you may be forgetting ,?.  Vitamins, minerals, etc..  ?

    • It might be zinc.  I ran out in September (before my trough tested at 12.7) and didn't refill until just a few days before my Oct 5 retest (when my trough tested at 5.7).  My doc lowered my dose from 1.5 twice a day to 1.0, so reduced by 30%.  I also lost 12 pounds since June when my tacro level was good.  So I don't know if it was the dose adjustment (perhaps appropriate for the weight loss?) or adding back in the zinc.  In any case, I won't stop zinc again!!!  

      • In any investigation, one must look at what has changed to find answers.


      • I'm also taking zinc at a 10 mg dose every day. I also take a multivitamin with zinc, and several other vitamins, minerals, etc. What else natural do you take ?

  • I do not have advice for you, but I hope for you to find answers soon!. Please keep us posted. Good Luck.

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