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Hit your transplanted kidney

Hey everyone - hope this finds you all in good health. Had a question for the kidney transplanters out there - have you ever been hit/struck in the kidney area? Any idea how hard you'd have to be hit to impact kidney function? I'm lifting weights now, and I'm mindful not to drop it on my kidney (obvi), although some of the lifts come close to that area (deadlifts, cleans, snatches). I've heard so many stories of allograft rejection because of meds, blood pressure, etc etc but never actually heard of anyone's new kidney being struck/hit.

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  • hi  i have had my transplant kidney for 41 years now  i started going to the gym last year and found that doing too much at the gym would give me pains over my kidney  so now i do gentle exercises and only 50 mins  altogether at the gym  much better now

  • I never have but find myself worrying that my seat belt sits right on my new kidney. I am interested to hear if anyone has had a car accident effecting the kidney as well. Thanks for the question. 

    • Two weeks after my second Tx, I got in an auto accident.  I stopped using my seat belt for a while but my surgeon and Tx nephrologist said the seat belt issue was not a valid fear.  My Tx was unaffected. I still limit my travel in smaller cars, the drivers here, around Boston, are the worst (that's why we're called Massholes!)

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