Doctor says it is one of the  side effect of tacrolimus. He reduced the tacrolimus dose and added a minimal dose of everolimus with it. Rest all cellcept and Wysolone to be continued as same. I wanted to know if anyone had similar experience here. Any recurrence of pancreatitis after drug changes or with time.


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  • Thank you for your replies. Yes, I am doing good now.

    Actually the doctor who suggested the everolimus change was from some other hospital. Since there was some issues related to my hospitalization entitlement in my transplant centre, I had been transferred to other hospital. When I got discharged my doctor asked me not to change my transplant meds and stick to Tacrolimus only. He said it was viral pancreatitis which was caused due to some virus or bacteria. But they could not find out the virus responsible for it. Anyways I am doing good now. And back to work. But still I am scared about the recurrence as the cause is still not clear. 

    • This is still good news, you recovered well. Checking for such infection will likely become part of your Tx or endocrine exam routines to keep you safe. It is unlikely you will develop Type II from the tacrolimus if you haven't already, this reaction is usually rapid developing after the first few doses, especially if there is a family history.

      Again, thank you for sharing the good news. Stay well!

  • In my 16 years of kidney transplant (19 with my new pancreas) I've had pancreatitis and been hospitalized just once. It was at about the 10 year mark with the kidney (fourth with the pancreas). I was not on tacro at the time. It settled down on it's own (luckily) after about a week and I never had another issues (knock on wood).


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