• I've been through a number of different drug combos. I started with cellcept and then switched to myfortic (and was on either rapamune of prograf). Eventually the myfortic gave me problems so I ws then on rapa and imuran for quite a few years. And now i'm on cyclosporine and imuran (for close to a year).


  • Hi Mushfequr,  I used to take Cellcept when I first got my Kidney and pancreas back in 2003 and it did a number on my stomach also.  I spoke with my doctor and asked him to change it cause it was not a nice feeling.  I've been taking Sirolimus/ Rapamune for quite some time now.  So, I recommen d talking with your doctor to see what he or she thinks about changing your meds or maybe there is something they can prescribe for your stomach to help with your stomach issues.  Feel better.

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