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Even for people with 2 healthy kidneys a protein level in the urine of 0-20 is normal. For transplant patients is a little higher acceptable?  Have any of you ever had any protein in your urine & if so what did your nephrologist say about it?


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  • I had my kidney transplant in 2009. The only time I've had protein in my urine is when I get sick with a cold or virus. Normally I never have protein.
  • Thanks Kidneyboy. They reduced my Astagraf to 10mg & then I get retested in a month & then they could reduce it even more!!

  • My protein came down to ZERO & Creatinine came down too! My tacrolimus level is 9.6 which is too high for me so they're reducing it.

    • Great News!....There is a correlation between tacrolimus and creatinine levels.  I glad this was a momentary blip in your level.

  • I forget what the exact 'acceptable' numbers are, but I know my tx center has an upper limit to urine protein that they consider 'normal'. And yes, their 'normal' is considerably higher than regular people's 'normal'.

    Keep in mind, that I have had protein in my urine since day 1 after transplant (almost 15 years ago). And it can be due (among other things) to some of the drugs we are on.

    It was kind of scary at first, still seeing the bubbly urine. But that paranoia fades with time.

    • Wow Cora, that's amazing. What is your approximate protein & creatinine now? Did you have a living or deceased donor?

      • To be honest, I have no clue what my protein is. It's usually simply acknowledged that it is there. My baseline creatinine has been pretty consistent since day 1. In the 160 - 180 range (canadian numbers) so that translates to roughly 1.81 to 2.05. Sometimes lower, only rarely higher. Overall pretty stable though.

        My cousin gave me her kidney on her birthday!!! Can you believe it? And we were a 1/6 antigen match. Knock on wood, so far I've never had an episode of rejection

  • When you simply pee in a cup and they do a Protein, total, random on the urinalysis it says normal is 5-25 mg/dl. That's for normal people so I assume the range is a little higher for transplant patients?

    • I believe the threshold to begin investigation/monitoring begins @ > 23 m/Dl for a " pee in  a cup" or spot check, > 25 m/dl for a 24 hour collection.  At this time, you should not worry about the reading.  This might mean more frequent spot tests to interpret/evaluate your Tx function (plan to "pee" in a cup when you do blood work for now,)   Specific questions should be presented at your next appointment.  

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