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How on earth to apply for Medicare?

I'm only 50, so not eligible for Medicare in the traditional way, but as a transplant patient I know I'm supposed to be covered by Medicare for 3 years. I am covered privately under my husband's health insurance and I work full time myself. However, I have had no success with applying for Medicare. Social security keeps trying to get me to fill out SSI and SSD paperwork no matter how much I explain what I'm trying to do. I'm not disabled and certainly don't qualify for SSI . I finally spoke with some woman at social security and she said that she would send me the paperwork and I could have a phone appointment on May 25th.  I received the paperwork yesterday and it's for..... SSI and SSD! I tried just going to the Medicare website but it starts asking me how many work credits I have (no idea) which I don't understand because I already qualify because of the transplant and esrd before that - my income, employment status, etc should not even be considered. Any suggestions for someone in my shoes? I am almost ready to give up which is probably what they hope I'll do but my husband's company is self-insured and I would like to get the transplant, donors nephrectomy and hospital care etc covered by Medicare and save them some money (it's a non-profit organization)  Thank you! 

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  • If you have ESRD these are the requirements

    If you meet those requirements then getwith the Tx Social Worker or go into a local Medicare office. Can be a lot of lines and run around until you find the right person.  

    From what I read it appears Medicare is Secondary to your primary insurance - not sure if they can just drop you.  I had my company drop me so I could qualify for SSDI/Medicaid pre Tx.The 36 month coverage you mentioned is post Tx (with rules).  Social Security deems you disabled 1 year post Tx so SSDI may as well be applied for.

    Not sure if this is in the link:

    • End-stage renal disease (ESRD) with kidney failure. If you require ongoing dialysis or a kidney transplant, Medicare coverage can begin the third month after the month in which your dialysis began.

    Good luck.


    Signing up for Medicare if you have ESRD |
    Learn how to sign up for Medicare if you have End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). If you're eligible for Medicare because of ESRD, you can enroll in Part…
  • Why are you trying to do this yourself?? Every Tx center has a social worker to assist recipients with this. It IS easier to apply on online but you will have to have the Tx center send in supporting documentation, so, again, contact the social workers in Ohio. You are trying to receive S.S.D.I. because of disability. Like it or not, a transplant recipient is classified as disabled and terminal.  Disagree? Try and get life insurance now! The link below is to the disability application info.

    SSDI application
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