If you have steroid induced diabetes then this may be for you. The key is to prolong the time between prednisolone dose and largest meal as much as possible. Before I used to take prednisolone with tacrolimus in am and by lunch time the two meds would be really high in my blood. Both meds synergistically spike blood sugar so when I had my heavy meal.at lunch my blood sugar spiked even after taking diabetic meds. So, what I did was take the heavy meal that is lunch for me at a time when the levels of prednisolone and tacrolimus are low in my blood. Prednisolone becomes low after 12 hours you take it so I started taking both tacrolimus and prednisolone at pm and very light meal if any I take at night. Now i don’t need to take any diabetic meds even after lunch. The trick is the two meds tacrolimus and prednisolone are no higher in my blood when I take largest meal. You can give this technique a try. Also, my hunger has lessened.

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  • It is generally much healthier to have your big meals early and a lite meal before sleeping so that formula should work well!


    Also if you have plenty protein this will help mitigate blood sugar problems from carbohydrates.

  • It is more important to take your doses, 12 hours apart to maintain an even blood level of this medication (tacrolimous.) Prednisone is not the only culprit to developing Type ll diabetes. Tacrolimus causes about 20% of user to develop diabetes.

    If rearranging your dosing schedule works for you, I wish you the best of luck, but there is  no substitute for keeping carbs low and exercising. The cards are stacked against us but finding successful strategies is the key!

  • I take tracolimus and predispone in the morning and at night 9 o'clock . So you are telling me take the prednisone with tracolimus at 9 with a big meal ?

    • I will do that 

    • No not big meal. But avoiding big meal when I am taking it

      • Thanks

        • Yes.  I was diabetic for about 6 months starting a few months after Tx.

          Frankly I cut all sugar out and barely carbs as I really did not enjoy taking blood sugars - and I wanted to keep getting in good shape after all the surgery trauma.  I was able to stop insulin - and then my Pred was finally discontinued.

          Meal size, time, etc. would definitley impact blood sugard with Pred - what it is you are consuming is most important.

          Good luck.

          • Why your prednisone was stop. I am taking 5 mg everyday . Can I ask my doctor take the prednisone too. My numbers in sugar in the blood is 143 because I was eating too much not counting sugar and carb that was eating because I was not paying attention how much I was consuming.

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