How to boost testosterone levels


I am 11.5 years post double lung transplant. I'm 55 years old and although it always seems to be something, I'm still alive and kicking.

I have been having some problems with ED over the last couple of years. It's never a problem getting started. It's always a problem continuing as long as I'd  like. I've been taking cialis and also viagra as needed. These drugs do help, but things are just not as I'd like them to be.

In the past, my testosterone levels have been on the low end of normal. My most recent blood test indicated that they were a bit lower than the low end of normal. 

I will discuss my options with my doctor, but can anyone suggest natural ways to increase testosterone levels? I know exercise helps. Also, my diet is pretty good for the most part. I fall off the wagon on a regular basis, but we eat mostly wholesome foods with few processed things. I read books on nutrition and have probably seen most of the documentaries out there. My feeling is that for the average human animal, a vegan diet is probablt the healthiest overall. However, I doubt it's best for a person with cystic fibrosis and the pancreatic insufficiency that goes along with it. It seems that my inability to properly digest fats and proteins might lead to deficiencies. I am not currently a vegan.

So, any advice on naturally increasing tetosterone levels?

Thanks very much for your replies,


55, CF, 11.5 years post double lung xplant 

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  • Try tribulus.. But ask your dr first. 

  • Hormones can be helpful if they are the right kind, applied correctly.  For years doctors gave women "premarin" pills for estrogen replacement. It's made from the urine of pregnant mares.  We are not horses and hormones should never be swallowed!  My husband and I found an MD who specializes in bio-identical (identical to nature) hormones which are applied as a cream to the skin.  We have lab work regularly and our dosages are changed as needed.  I use bio-identical estrogen and progesterone, and my husband uses bio-identical testosterone.  He applies it in the morning and washes it off at night, to allow his body to make it's own testosterone overnight.  

    You can probably find an MD or naturopath (ND) in your area who can help you.  Please don't go for the shots or patches that mainstream medicine recommends.  They give you a huge hit of testosterone all at once and then it wears off.  That rollercoaster effect is not good for you.  


  • Are you Breathin Steven??

    If not then does anyone know what happened to him?

    • No, sorry. That's not me.

  • I go with a clean well balanced diet.  Most vegans I know supplement for the thinks that diet can challenge, mostly iron.

    I eat more of a "gym" diet - getting in good carbs, low sugar, protein.  I do not supplement protein much like I used to as not great for kidneys.  I also am required to do very low Potassium, like many which would also challenge a vegan diet.  I love vegetables but have to choose so specifically if I am really following my diet.

    Assume doctor would be soloution to LowT.  Not aware of any supplements, etc.  For me, if needed, I would choose medical soloution if Tx team was fine with it.  From what I read you would know pretty quickly if there was benefit.  I did used to work in Oncology genetics and make sure you prostate health is great - HighT can impact that for sure.

    Exercise can assist from most research.  

    Good Luck.

  • Be cautious with any hormones. They are starting to find that they all seem to promote heart disease. I know it's been established that either male or female hormones added in a woman's drug regime can increase the risk of heart disease. But they are starting to find the same with testosterone in some men






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