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Friends ,after 90 days of fluctuating creatinine levels from 1.4 to 1.7 and after hydrating my creatinine level has come down to 1.3 and now I am really concerned about maintaining the same condition. Can anyone tell me apart from taking medicine what changes in diet I have to make to maintain the same creatinine level  

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  • Hi Suman Babu Tippireddy,

    I would try to eat little or not much of red meat and avoid bananas, avocados and tomatoes.

    I was told to avoid grapefruit and pomegranate juice as well. Try to drink a reasonable amount of fluids.

    Best of luck,


  • Those levels are pretty good (at least for me). 

    But a low potassium/phosphorus diet assists with kidney function and in theory will benefit creatinine levels.  Not a ton of meat.  High protein diets are sometimes requested to be avoided as well.

    Potassium may be the biggest challenge.  I eat almost none.  So I choose specific veggies and eliminate many other, just how it needs to be.  More brands are including Potassium levels on their nutrition facts and it is soon going to be widespread.  Oddly enough Walmart brands are kind of leading the way with some of their new packaging.  I just found salsa today that is very reasonable - which is a challenge since tomatoes are not our friend.

    Protein is a slippery slope for me as I eat a lot to rebuild my body but vary the sources.  Good old hydration is always very important.

    I have used multiple sites to identify basically all the foods I eat.  Meat/Veggies/Fruit/Grain for me are all chosen based on K level.  For instance, asparagus>brussel sprouts.  Counterintuitive that veggies are not good for us but we have different mineral needs.

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