Hi, my SPK is just 2 months old. I received a lot of really good diet information and know to wash my fruit/veg well before consumption.


Today, at my brother's house, there were raspberries in the fridge, out of the package and in a bowl. I asked my brother if the berries had been washed. He said yes. So, I ate some, about a small carton-amount. And then, his wife came into the room and asked if I washed them because they had not been washed. My stomach hit the floor! In retrospect, I should have been double careful and washed them myself to be extra sure... but I still forget this is post-tx life sometimes.

Right now, I am very upset, scared and paranoid. What are the odds of something going wrong now and how quickly or slowly would it show up? Has this happened to anyone else and what was the result?

My apologies for the drama filled first post but who else would know better than fellow tx patients!

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  • Make sure to drink water. It will help to clean your stomach and intestines.

    KB is right. 

    I foget to wash my hands in the first few years.  Or foget to take some medicines. Nothing happened. But we have to learn through out life. 

    • Hi, thanks for the advice on drinking water to clean myself out.. so to speak! I try to drink 2.5 to 3 L per day so I will focus on that for now.

      Tx really is a learning experience for daily life. I was a "clean" kind of person prior (with dialysis and all) but the small things sometimes pass my mind! You're right.. we learn throughout life!

  • Hello Zhanna,

    While it is a good practice to thoroughly wash produce before eating it, it is doubtful you will suffer any consequences from this incident.  Your immune system is suppressed, not eliminated.  Human stomach acids are very strong and this is not an easy avenue for small amounts of unwashed fruit "with possible germs" to enter the bloodstream, as well.  It is good you are aware of the rules though. I hope this helps.  

    • Thank you for the reply! I feel a little more comforted now but, in the future, I will always double check! Thank you again.

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