Immunosuppressant drug - Sirolimus/ Everolimus

Recently i just went to visit my nephrologist and she suggested me to change the Cyclosporine to Sirolimus/ Everolimus as i encounter some of the side effects of Cyclosporine like tremors, hypertension and etc...Did anyone taking Sirolimus/ Everolimus? Can i know the benefits and side effects of Sirolimus/ Everolimus. Thanks. 

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  • I switched from Tac to Everolimus last month. No more tremors and other bad stuff. Only side effect is Seboreeic Dermitis which I attribute to bring off Tac which is am antifungal as well as immunosuppressant.

  • Zortress/Everolimus is a variant of Sirolimus and is not interchangeable with it. Foe example, I am taking Everolimus but cannot take Sirolimus.
    • Hi Bill, 

      I know your post here was a couple years ago but wondering if you experienced fatigue on the everolimus. I just started it yesterday (instead of Myfortic) and I've been truly exhausted. I am hoping that it changes. Did you experience fatigue, and if so, how long did it take to go away? 

  • Hey Eddie,

    I agree with what Cora said, everyone is different and you'll have to see which drug works better for you and if there are any side effects. 

    I was on cyclosporine for a long time and had a lot of toxicity problems, and was switched to everolimus a few years ago. I''ve had a better time with everolimus.

    Cora mentioned the main things to look out for, mainly watch your hemoglobin levels (some people experience a drop), and you'll have to monitor your cholesterol levels when your labs are done. The mouth sores are on a per person basis, some have a lot, some never. But as your dose goes down to maintenance level things should be ok.

  • I really like the sirolimus. I have minimal side effects from it. Some of the potential side effects are mouth sores, high cholesterol (I don't have either of those), anemia (which I have) and the usual side effects from these drugs. I like the fact that I only take it once per day and the pills are small (although expensive even with coverage). I did get some leg pain when I first started it and my dose increased, but I haven't had that issue in years. I know some people don't deal with it well, but I've tolerated it extremely well.

    • Thanks Cora. My nephrologist suggested me to change the Cyclosporine to Sirolimus after 6 months of transplantation. She said that Cyclosporine my harm the transplanted kidney in long-term. Hope i can tolerate well with Sirolimus.

      • Everyone is different, but I have had good success with Sirolimus. I have also heard that it is quite good at preventing chronic rejection. There have been studies done in mice that show that it also improves longevity (at least in the rodents - no studies yet in us).

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