Incisional hernia

has anyone had an incisional hernia?  I think I have developed one after 4 years post liver transplant.  It does not hurt but does stick out but I am able to push it in and sometimes I hear It bubbling when I do.  I have read if it is not hurting or does go in when pushed it not urgent to get it taken care of..

My question is what was done to repair your hernia and how long to heal?  Also is it a big deal?

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  • I'll be 15 years out on my liver transplant this June.  I developed an incisional hernia after 3 years.  When I stand it does look like I have a saddlebag.   Not happy about that but Dr's at my home hospital said if its  not bothering me substantially leave it be.  They said I would not be happy with the residual nerve pain from corrective surgery.  I got evaluated for cool sculpting and a hernia rules that out unfortunately.  Dave

    • Thank you for your reply. I have read they leave alone unless it is painful

  • I had a Inguinal hernia repaired before my discharge, that baby hurt.  This one in the incision.

    Thank you for the replies.

  • I now have an outie belly button rather than an innie. Umbilical hernia due to the second surgery on my pancreas. I've had it now for about 8 years. it doesn't hurt, has gotten a tiny bit larger, and they've decided that since it doesn't bother me, we're not doing anything about it.

    To be honest, the only down side from all these abdominal surgeries (4) is that I've lost my waistline. But that's strictly cosmetic. Thank goodness they now like to keep the surgeries to a minimum.

  • I had an inguinal hernia and it was repaired laproscopically with a mesh insert.  That was in 2014 and have had no issues.  If the size of your hernia is small, it can be repaired the same way.  If it is large then open surgery may be required.

    As far as "is it a big deal", that is something a doctor will have to decide.  My only thought is that without repair it may get larger or may not be able to be pushed in.  I do know that in rare circumstances they can strangulate the intestines - that is a very big deal.

    As far as recovery, mine was for the most part painless and easy.  There were lifting restrictions and I can't remember when they were no longer in play, but I think it was at six weeks.  If you have been through a liver transplant this will be a walk in the park by comparison.

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