Incisional Hernia

Hello Everyone! 

8 Months out Kidney Transplant here. I had a followup Ultrasound Monday and the Kidney is doing great. Unfortunately they found a small (3.2cm) Incisional Hernia. 
Bummer but things happen. I'm surprised since I waited until the 12th week Post to start back up on my Cross Fit Weight Training so not sure if that contributed.

Questions: Has anyone been thru a Post Kidney Transplant Hernia Repair? I want to know about any experiences you had.
I'm guessing its safe to dive back into the area of the Kidney? A little worried about that since the Hernia is directly over the are where they placed the Kidney.

Any thoughts or experiences welcome. I have a consultation with the Surgeon on May 19th and hopefully surgery at the end of June.
I'm sure it will be laproscopy and mesh so confident things will come out ok. Is there any risk to the Kidney?

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  • I am still in pain and need another surgery. Unfortunately I had twins and so my stomach is not flat and it hangs so not it's pulling on my hernia incision. My advice is follow the no lift order tell your told otherwise. It  will help it all heal properly. I was also told once I could lift if I felt discomfort or pain to stop don't try and push through the pain. You sound like your in good shape so it should be a breeze for you. Good luck

  • Yes Linda that is one of the main culprits unfortunately.

    I have my surgery on June 18th so this is my first. Awesome Doctor who will be using a stronger mesh since I'm active and actually incorporate it in the actual muscle as opposed to just placing it on top. Makes the repair even stronger. It's being done Robotically.

  • I had over 12 hernia's repaired. I was told it was from one of my immune suppressants I was on. 

  • Hi D,

    With my first Tx I had an incisional hernia that accounted for 22 failed attempts to close up before a Kevlar mesh was installed to keep it closed. I made a comment to my Tx nephrologist that with my lopsided abdomen "From the waist up, I kind of looked like a kidney." The name stuck and I was called "kidney boy" thereafter.

    In addition, that kevlar mesh served to further amuse the Tx team when during a biopsy, several surgeons and nephrologists failed to retrieve a sample, bending nine probe needles in the attempts. I requested they stop after finally remembering the mesh from long before. Not the fame I was looking for.

    All that being said, it is a good practice to attend to such issues as they tend to get larger (longer) over time and may involve the intestines entering if large enough. Write down all your questions before your meeting and with the answers, you will learn that the team is prepared for any issue that may arise. Ask if the repair can be done laparoscopically, which needs less healing time. Good luck 

    • I didn't know the KidneyBoy back story that is amusing ;-). Thanks for the details! The Doctor that will be handling the Surgery is Dr. Afaneh @Weill Cornell. Cheguevara Afaneh, M.D., FACS | Patient Care (

      He will be working closely with my Transplant Surgeon Dr. Kapur so I think I'm safe in their hands. I assume they will use mesh since that is the only viable option if you want to contnue an Active lifestyle.
      I had Inguinal Hernia Surgery (MESH) in 2015 so I know what it entails. Funny Story that is a similar thing you went thru with respect to the Kidney Biospy. It appears they had to cut back some of
      the MESH from the Inguinal Repair during Transplant. My Hernia Doctor added quite a bit of MESH. ;-) He did mention it to me in 2015, but I forgot about it until post transplant when my Surgeon told me they
      had to cut back some MESH. He mentioned not to worry and that the Inguinal hernia repair was still rock solid.

      Yes going to have it done sooner than later to avoid it getting bigger or having bowel obsruction issues.  Probably Mid to Late June.  
      So I'm guessing I shouldn't be concerned about them diving into the area of the Transplant. I want that Kidney safe! ;-)

      Cheguevara Afaneh, M.D., FACS | Patient Care
      Cheguevara Afaneh, M.D., FACS, specializes in Bariatric Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. He provides care for hospitalized patients onl…
      • Every surgery carries a risk of infection but you should do well and have no major issues!

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