I am 62, 19 months PKT and both policyst kidneys are not removed. All going well.

10 days back I had Urinary track infection (UTI) like syptioms and admitted to hospital.

Symptoms were frequent urge to urinate/difficult to control  and had high temperature.All my kidney tests were found good and could not find any bactiria in urine and blood culture.

Finally CT scan revealed a small infection on the transplanted kidney. I was administered only IV antibiotics 4 tims a day.

All symptoms were gone in 2 days and discharged on the 4th day. I am feeling ok and have to continue oral antibiotics for a total of 14days.

I would like to know if anyone had the same issues. Thanks.

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  • Great news Suresh,  that your symptoms have ended! I hope you continue on in good health. 

  • Just an update - After 14 days of antibiotics, the problem seems to have gone. Taking care of home cooked food and hygiene.

    • Congratulations!  Glad to hear things worked out for you!

  • We all have been through emergent situations and what I have learned from members and my own experience is that the best response is staying calm while the Tx team remedies the issue. This is not easy, but one must try. There is little one can do beyond that and having faith in the team helps overcome problems without adding complications. I am glad to learn you have surpassed this "bump in your path," and hope you continue to live a long, long, life in good health. 

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