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  • You should check with your transplant coordinator and transplant doctor
  • I use fresh minced garlic when I get sick. I take about a teaspoon and chase with juice. Before transplant, I would do it about every three hours as it has a short but strong life. It’s great for sinus, bacteria, circulation and I could go on but now, I only hit it about three times a day for no more than two days as I believe it can boost your immune system. It is a wonder food for sure. I still blend spicy (hot) onions and keep them shallow in a bowl or plate near me for coughing or sinuses. You will notice the difference right away. It also keeps the air clean. The onions go where I go when I have a cold. Have not been sick for three years post transplant, except a couple of colds, once my migraines subsided. Happy about that but I take many precautions.
    • Interesting.  Immunosuppressants like tacrolimus going in one direction, and foods like garlic going the other way.  What a puzzle!

  • Good point, Debbie.  No, I haven't brought my vinegar use to the attention of my transplant team.  Need to do that.  I've been adding a "shot" of vinegar to my drinking water for well over a year, and my blood work, done every six weeks, hasn't suffered.

    • Raley

      Are you referring to Apple cider Vinegar?

      • Yes.  Here's my "formula".  I add a tbsp of apple cider vinegar and another of lemon juice to 12 oz of water.  Then, I add about a tsp of Splenda to sweeten it up.  Makes a great drink.

  • Riley, that is good to hear. Sirolimus seems to increase mucus with me. You found no interactions with your meds and doctor okay with you taking it? Have you seem any other side effects or lab improvements?
  • Apple cider vinegar seems to be a mucous cutter.  I add a tbs to my glasses of water daily.

  • Hey Steve, I don't know much about garlic and every time I bring up supplements to by tx team the 'drug ninja', as I call her says no. Have you ever thought about apple cider vinegar? I know it is to much for me to drink, but I have found it in a reliable capsule form. I plan to ask tx team about it, but would like to hear from members here. Have you ever considered it?
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