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Basically, share whatever you like with us. No need to answer all the questions, I just placed a few ideas for you to understand what we are looking for.

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  • Hi, my name is Rushi and I recently (2 months back) had a kidney transplant from my mother. She has given me re-birth and I am thankful to her and almighty for all the miracles in my life. I am lucky to have found such a nice forum and look forward to contributing to it. 

    • Hi. All the best to you and bless your mother.
      • Thanks Albert!

    • Hi Lucky:

      Congrats! Cheers!!  I hope you are doing well and enjoying your new kidney. Before you know it you'll have your first anniversary and started to climb those rungs.  

      I wish you the best of luck today and always. 

      • Thanks Patsy!

  • Hi my name is Albert. I recently received a kidney from my younger brother. I am 32 years old. Had CKD for 32 years on dialysis 5 years. I am friendly and passionate about sports and living an active life. I joined this forum to engage with other transplant recipiants and educate myself on how to get the best quality of life fromy second chance at life.
    • Hi Albert:

      Congratulations!! May you and your kidney have many, many, many years together.  Simply follow your doctor's orders. With years ahead of you and so far successful, (I'm in no way bragging), I'd like to suggest that anytime you have doubts about ANYTHING that doesn't feel right about your body, get in touch with your nephrologist/urologist - don't hesitate so that you can be directed to the appropriate specialist based on your symptoms.  Do not second guess yourself.

      I look forward to reading great news as you progress. Good luck as you join us here on our journey

      • Thanks I appreciate it. Will do.
  • name: Duane


    Passions" to see the my 100 birthday

    Transplant: no doctor say I may keep my live for long time.

    I'm a Patient.

    I like to read and go to my AA meetings 

    I am one of the few who have had my liver heal some.

    All Take care

  • I take this opportunity to thank Rise for making this forum available for people like me to introduce and tell other readers about ourselves.  

    I'm thrilled that I found this site and look forwarrd to participating in discussions.  

    Rise, upon sending the previous note, I was reading some of the intros and discovered that there is a chat on weekends.  I am currently out of town but on my return, I shall definitely make myself available.  Continue the good work.

This reply was deleted.

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