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  • Hello.  I'm Deb from Washington, USA.  I just had my second cadeveric kidney transplant 10 days ago. I found this site when doing a google search this morning.  That is all.

    • Congratulations Deborah!

  • Hi Ladies and Gents!
    I'm Paula. Married to my sweet David for 4 years. We each have 2 grown kids. I have one amazing grandson, Mason, and he's 2. David and I spend a lot of time with him!
    I am David's caregiver. He had a stint collapse (12/2012) after placement, and it damaged most of his heart muscle, thus warranting a transplant.
    He received his donor heart 7/2/2014 and we are forever grateful! Life is not the same as before the heart attack, but it is an amazing, beautiful gift.
    We live in Jacksonville, TX. Our transplant hospital is UT Southwestern, in Dallas, TX.
    Thanks for the forum, guys!
  • I'm Christie 46, from Vermont.  I'm checking everything off the doctor's to do list to start waiting for a kidney.  I have had 3 kidney transplants.  My 1st one at 12, then 28 and 34.  My mom was my first kidney, my dad my 2nd and a cadaver for my 3rd.  My passions are for my 2 girls, horses and my 2 donkeys.  Right now I'm real tired of being too tired.  I'm working with the team at UVM.

  • Hi, I am Shane from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I will be receiving a kidney from my cousin this coming Monday, May 25th.  People ask me if I am excited, and I am but it seems a little surreal.  I forget what it feels like to be well.  I am optimistic that it will all go well but also realistic.  

    • First off Shane your Cousin is a Saint!!! I also had a live donor transplant from my sister. I understand how you feel at this moment because it`s just how I felt.......  You didn`t say if you are presently on dialysis some live transplants are done before it is needed. I can only tell you I felt so much better within a day or two. Pretransplant  you feel so sick all the time. I found the shedding of excess fluid I had been retaining made me feel a lot better in the first few days. Then not having Dialysis every other day was a great feeling both physically and mentally. I didn`t realize how much dialysis drains you and wears you down until I didn`t have to have it anymore.  I wish you and your cousin well and hope you both have a speedy recovery!!!!

      • Thanks Mike. In my big life plan I had hoped for a transplant just when I needed it. Unfortunately life doesn't always follow the script.  I had to have my kidneys removed suddenly and went on dialysis two and a half years ago. At that time it was discovered I had an issue with my heart valve as well and had open heart surgery shortly after starting dialysis.  You are spot on with feeling sick all the time. I notice a steady decline of my health over the past years. Though I will be taking one step at a time, I am hopeful that I will be able to return to work after recovery.

  • Hi I`m Mike from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I received a live donor kidney transplant in 2011 from my sister. In April of 2014 I received a pancreas at Toronto General Hospital. I have been having an acute rejection issue with the pancreas over the past month and am just home from the hospital again after a second round of thymoglobulin (yuck).  All seems good now!!!! I am concerned with the high dose of advagraf    6mg/day but this will change over the next month.  So enough of that more about me. I am a former nurse (how ironic). Now I spend my time with  photography. I am also an avid football fan. I follow the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the Canadian Football League and the Buffalo Bills of the NFL. First on my list is my family though. I have a son just entering University and a lovely wife. I don`t know what I would do without their love and support. Cheers for Canada! 

    • Hi, Mike

      Was diabetes the reason you needed a kidney? I'm just curious because I received a kidney in 2011 and became diabetic because of the prednisone and having had pancreatitis.

      • Hi Cindy

        Are you on Prograf also?  20% of patients become Type II diabetics after start Prograf.

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