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  • Hello Yogesh,

    Welcome to Transplant Friends!`I hope you find the site supportive and educational. Our members are always eager to share their experiences and offer support.

    The kidney controls many functions, from blood pressure to hormonal release. It is a filter for the blood, like the liver, and when it is not working correctly, there are clear symptoms.I am biased toward getting a Tx, having done years of dialysis and received two kidney Txs. I will describe one type, IgA nephropathy, that damaged my "native" kidneys. 

    • Elevated Blood Pressure - The kidney filters blood to remove salt, impurities, and waste and when it senses a need to increase flow, it signals the brain and glands to do so. When kidney function is reduced, the need to increase flow raises pressure higher and higher, which eventually damages the nephrons (filters) inside it.
    • Fatigue - As the kidneys fail, the blood becomes "dirtier," filled with waste, lactic and uric acid and electrolytes levels get thrown off making even the smallest effort an enormous task. Fluid is retained by the body making it difficult to breathe/recover.
    • Muscle cramps - When the blood is "dirty," everything is affected, including your muscles, which may cramp or cause pain. Weakness grows until filtering is restored by dialysis or Transplant. The most important muscle to keep moving is the heart!

    Blood tests and later a  biopsy will detect what is going on with the kidneys, and what condition they are in. It is important to remember that a kidney transplant is NOT a cure for kidney disease, it is merely an alternative treatment to dialysis, which I believe has allowed me a better quality of life. Each treatment has its Pros and Cons and you must decide, which fits your goals and life. The members here can offer good advice to help you. 


  • Symptoms fever, fluid retention, metalic smell, flu like symptoms, weakness lack of appetite and high blood pressure. Over all you feel like something is Terribly wrong.

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