Isolated from Covid 19 - still?

Hi folks - is there anyone else out there who is still isolated (hiding out) to avoid getting Covid 19?  I am 20 years post pancreas-kidney tx.  I feel like I could already be on "borrowed time" so I'm doing all I can to avoid getting Covid.  Is there anyone besides me?

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  • Hi Hope,

    I live a semi-secluded life, less because of fear of contracting Covid - 19 and more from my limited mobility. I have moved from my home to an ADA-friendly apartment (no stairs.). I have a special needs son, that my ex cares for and she delivers him to me to get a break in her routine, socializing with friends for some much-needed R & R. This opens me up to having my Covid - 19 threat delivered, though I would not change anything if I could.

    It helps that 80% of my state (MA) is fully vaccinated and outbreaks are closely monitored. In addition, my Tx center is offering Monoclonal Antibody injections to recipients, which if exposed, would lessen the effects of the virus. With time, more will be vaccinated and newer therapeutic medications will reduce the odds of hospitalizations. Then we will only have to deal with the ocean of illnesses and viruses that public life offers. Seclusion is looking better and better all the time, huh?



    • Thanks Kidneyboy.  Your optimism is what we all need at this time.  I have to admit with the country so divided maybe staying isolated IS looking better and better!

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